How to Make Hair Grow - Haircuts For Balding Men

How to Look Good With Thinning Hair

Learning how to make hair grow doesn’t happen overnight.

In the meantime are there any decent haircuts for balding men?

If you do a search on the internet for advice on women’s hairstyles, you will find TONS of ideas. But what about ideas for balding men? You’ll be surprised how little there is.

That is until now.

Read on and learn how to look good with thinning hair.

With balding being such a common thing it must be really frustrating for you that there is so little help out there. But no matter what stage your balding hair is at… You deserve to have a cool haircut just as much as any other man.

After you’ve read this guide you will be able to go to your hairdresser with confidence, knowing exactly what you want.

The vast majority of men suffering from baldness are at the mercy of what’s commonly known as male pattern baldness. And if your like most it will have begun with your hair receding from the front, and you may have noticed your hair has also begun thinning on top.

If nothing is done about it, this process will likely develop into complete baldness, so that you are only left with some hair around the sides, and back of your head.

The speed of this process of course can vary greatly from person to person, but the pattern remains the same.

Never the less, even if your baldness is at the stage where you literally only have a couple of tiny hairs left on your head, you still want to have a stylish, and debonair haircut.

So the big question is what options for haircuts do you have?

Well the worst balding mans haircut you could have is what’s known as a comb over haircut. This was a very common style for men of a particular generation. What they did is grew their hair long at one side, then combed it completely over their bald head.

This particular haircut will not make you look attractive and must be avoided at all cost. Besides it would only take the gentlest of breezes to expose your cover up plan.

If that one seems obvious to you, what other things should you do to have an attractive haircut, and what should you avoid?

One common mistake balding men make is combing the hair back from the front. Whilst that might cover any bald patches, it draws more attention to your hair loss at the front.

Another common mistake is growing your hair much longer at the back to compensate for the lack of hair on top. This actually has the opposite effect and draws even more attention to the fact that you’re balding. It’s not a good look.

You might have tried using gel if your balding isn’t too advanced, but that’s not really a good idea, because the gel binds your hair together, revealing a lot more of your scalp than if you had just left it alone.

What about growing your hair long? If you’re balding then growing your hair long will be even less flattering. Why? Because what happens is that your hair will separate exposing your scalp in a very unflattering manner.

So is are there any good haircuts for balding men? What CAN you do to look good?

You can get a cool natural look to your hair with the abundance of mousses and conditioners that are available. Not to mention hair thickening agents.

Try growing what hair you have left just a few inches, then get your hairdresser to layer it and brush forward to minimise your receding hairline.

If you’re not receding too much at the front, you could probably get away with growing it at the front, and covering over a bald patch on the top if it’s not too far gone. 

That won’t work forever though, as your hair loss continues.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve gone completely bald, then the best advice I can give you is shave the rest off and make it look deliberate. It’s rather a cool look, at the very least you should get a #1 close cut either at the barbers or do it yourself with clippers.

I recommend you buy detailing clippers, and use the straight blade (without any combs) and cut it straight to the bone. Besides looking cool, you will save a fortune on haircuts! And it’s so easy to do on your own. Just check in the mirror in case you’ve missed any bits.

If you’ve decided to go for one of the best haircuts for balding men (the shaved look) you’ll want use a moisturising soap just like you would on your face. You don’t want dry skin to be an issue, so use a good moisturiser. Get an expensive one. You will be able to afford it now with all that money you’re saving on haircuts!

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