Biotin For Hair Growth – Does Biotin Help Hair Growth?

Biotin is Promoted as a Hair Growth Wonder Vitamin by Healthcare Providers... But is all This Advice Based on Real Facts? After Investigation This is what I Found...

First of all, if you're worried that you've overdosed on Biotin for hair growth – don't. It's a water soluble vitamin, and if your body has too much it's simply disposed of through urine.

So does Biotin help hair growth?

Scientists have long been aware of the link between Biotin and hair growth.

But can buying Biotin vitamins actually assist your hair growth? Can Biotin supplements help with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness? Or are you just going to be flushing your money down the toilet?

Biotin is an essential part of the B family of vitamins. What it does is, it assists in turning all your food into energy by producing Glucose.

But here's the thing.

Your body needs very little Biotin to fully function. And your probably getting all the biotin you need from your food.

Biotin Reviews - Foods Rich in Vitamin B

If you're eating things like egg on whole wheat toast for your breakfast, smoked salmon with any green vegetables or cauliflower for dinner.

And you mix that up with liver pate, avocado, raspberries cheese & nuts. Then you're probably getting all the Biotin you need for healthy hair growth.

Not only that, but your body recycles all the biotin and vitamins for hair growth it needs on a daily basis. In fact your body naturally produces more biotin than it needs. The excess is disposed of naturally.

So unless you are diabetic or something, it's highly unlikely that you need to take any Biotin supplements.

In fact Biotin deficiency is so rare that that there are no civilised countries that recommend taking Biotin supplements on a daily basis.  

If you had a Biotin deficiency your doctor would probably have recognised it when you were a young child. As you would have had symptoms that indicate a Biotin deficiency.

There are some things though that can cause your body to have not enough Biotin, meaning that you can suffer from hair loss.

If you've been in hospital on a drip for a long period and not given any Biotin supplements would make you deficient.

If you've constantly eaten the raw whites of an egg thinking that there might be some health benefits to doing that, then you may have unwittingly damaged your hair.

The reason for that is a protein called Avidin which is in raw egg whites, has a very powerful bonding with biotin.

What this means is, it steals it from your body. Not allowing your body to get the Biotin it needs. In this case the first thing to be affected would be your hair, your skin and your nails.

Biotin Deficiency Symptoms - How do You Know if You're Deficient in Biotin?

If you've been on antibiotics for a long time or have been on certain medications you might need extra Biotin.

Other conditions like alcoholism and crohn's disease make it difficult for your body to absorb Biotin, meaning you could become deficient, and this could affect your hair.

Symptoms of Biotin deficiency hair loss prevention?

For symptoms of Biotin deficiency you first need to look at your hair, skin and nails. You will probably at the very least have dry skin, but you could have also developed some fungal infections, or possibly rashes.

Other symptoms of Biotin deficiency include, your hair. Has your hair become very fine and brittle? Alopecia or bald patches are a symptom of Biotin deficiency.

Other less obvious symptoms include things like mild depression, feeling nauseas with possible vomiting.

If your worried about hair loss though, it's probably got nothing to do with a lack of Biotin.

Biotin For Hair - Scientific Evidence Biotin Works (Is There Any?)

There is an overload of confusing information about Biotin on the internet.

But here's a fact.

You will not find a single scientific case study that proves Biotin will help you to grow more, or thicker hair if you're suffering from hair loss.

Although I have seen a lot of comments on forums where people claim that Biotin has helped them grow much healthier and thicker hair there is actually no scientific proof.

There has been no medical case studies where a group of people suffering from hair loss are divided into two.

The first half are given Biotin to make their hair thicker, and the second half of the group are given a placebo, or dummy pill containing nothing, but perhaps sugar.

Then waiting to see there is any hair growth.

That would prove one way or the other if Biotin supplements actually made your hair grow.

Nothing like that has been done.

Cradle Cap Treatment For Babies With Hair - Does Biotin Work?

It has been suggested that Biotin can help with cradle cap in babies. But again this is just guesswork there is no scientific proof.

The Har Vokse hair growth supplement  contains all the essential vitamins for hair growth.

The only anti hair loss medications with a a solid track record, and proven to be successful are Minoxidil, which is in Regaine, and Propecia also called Finasteride in it's cheaper form.


  1. Who really cares if there's no scientific proof. "The proof's in the pudding." They really have not given enough time, dedication and research to be able to positively state what can/cannot be done for hair growth (at least they haven't gone public with it). If biotin is taken and there is a positive significant change, you don't need to have scientific proof, just take a look at the results. I don't rely upon science. I rely upon evidence. I am proof that biotin does affect my hair thickness and the strengthening of my nails. I cannot attest to it on the basis of growth (yet).

  2. BTW, I've used Minoxidil, Propecia, etc. and NONE of them have worked. Others have tried them also, without ANY results. What works for some, may not work for others.

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