Long Distance Haircut: Coronavirus Hair Salon Update

A clever hairdresser in china has come up with a clever way to make people feel reassured and safer from the dreaded coronavirus, while at the same time protecting the staff.

30 year old He Bing took the film footage of two members of staff showing off their incredible skills.

They are using three foot long sticks to cut and style hair. attached to the sticks are all their hairdressing tools.

It's amazing how they are able to attach all the brushes, shavers, and hairdryers to the end of the stick, and still give a great haircut.

But is it really safe to be in a hair salon with the increasing spread of coronavirus?

Coronavirus Hair Salon - Is it Safe in a Hair Salon?

With health officials advising to stay as far away from other people as possible using sticks to cut hair is certainly a step in the right direction.

But a hair salon is still a pretty closed environment.

There are going to be bits of hair flying about everywhere, and small hairs are light as a feather, they can float through the air easily, and undetected.

It's great though to see a hair salon in China leading the way on taking steps to help people.

What else can you look out for in a hair salon to protect yourself from the coronavirus?

You can catch coronavirus from handling money.

This is where contactless payment can really help to fight the spread. Coronavirus can spread quickly if you're handling money all the time, so now that coronavirus has reached the pandemic stage it's probably better to use your credit card as much as possible.

Coronavirus Hair Dryers in a Salon

Hair dryers in a salon could present a real problem.

Keeping your distance from people might help slow down the spread of coronavirus, but hair dryers are going to work against all your effort to stay away from people.

All they hair dryers are going blow any germs out of control, causing the coronavirus to circulate around the salon like a whirlwind.

And if you add to that all the bits of hair that are going to be flying around with it, the idea of going out for a haircut is looking less and less safe.

Of course you've got to get your haircut at some stage, other wise your hair is going to look a mess in the coming months as there remains no cure for the coronavirus.

What else do you need to look out for?

Coronavirus And Hairdressers Waiting Room

As your waiting to get a haircut, you will probably be sitting on a nice leather couch, or some nice comfortable chairs. Just be aware that anyone who has been in before you could have been infected, sneezed and then touched a part of the couch or chair.

It doesn't matter how comfortable or expensive the surroundings are, they won't protect you from the coronavirus. 

Just be aware of anything you touch. This would include any magazines that have been left out for you to read. You will be safer just looking at your phone while you're waiting.

We don't know how long the coronavirus will last, and there is a chance lots of people will delay going to the hairdressers for as long as possible. This would badly affect the cashflow of local salons. If they're not able to pay they're bills that would present big problems.

We now know that local businesses have been badly affected in Italy where the virus has spread rapidly.

Coronavirus UK Hair Salon Closed For Deep Clean (Latest Update)

A hair salon in Rotherham has had to close for 48 hours after it was discovered one of their recent customers has been infected with coronavirus.

Cutthroats barbers in High Street in Rotherham got the call from a customer, and had no choice to close for 48 hours and give the place a thorough deep clean.

That's two days of lost business to a local hair salon in the UK.

Well done to the owners for making customer safety a priority.

The coronavirus really seems to be taking of now in the UK, with huge jumps in cases within any 24 hour period.

Can you imagine what it will be like for salons up and down the country having to close for 48 hours every time they get a customer whose been infected?

And as this disease spreads like wildfire, you can't rely on every good citizen phoning up and reporting it.

There is nothing we can do except try to stay as safe as possible, and try to keep going like those hairdressers in China.

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