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Update October 2018:

This blog Slim Hair & Beauty was formerly used to successfully gain clients for a freelance Senior Stylist. 

All of her customers were gained for free here on the internet.

There was nothing spent on advertising whatsoever. 

Zero cost.

No flyers, no printing costs, not even a business card!

The following is a sample sales letter. Feel free to steal it for yourself.

“Now you can get a top Salon Trained Senior Stylist... And Official Goldwell Colour Expert in the comfort of your home!”

If you’re looking for a brand new hairstyle that will make you feel special… 

A style that will make your friends INSANELY JEALOUS or possibly not even recognise you, then read on…

If you’ve discovered this web page, then you’re in for a REAL treat.

Q: What if you could get on the phone, and call up the most expensive high end salon in Scotland…

Then ask for their most Senior member of staff to come out to your desired location (or your beautiful home) and give you a No Expenses Spared Hair Makeover?

Oh and on top of that, you would also like to pay no more than the regular price that everyone else pays, had you got off your butt and travelled all the way into their salon.

What do you think they would say?

A: It’s never gonna happen. (give it a try if you don’t believe me)

We are currently unaware of ANY Senior Management Hairstylists that are prepared to visit you at your home, or anywhere else!

It is our mission here at Hairdressers Livingston that…

 “No self respecting woman should be prepared to accept second best when it comes to her hair”

 “Can you imagine what it feels like… To have the most beautiful woman in the room second guess herself?”

When you pick up the phone and call a hairdresser you’ve never met before, you don’t always know what you’re getting.

But when you call or text Sarah...

You will speak to the friendliest, bubbliest, most reassuring voice you can ever imagine.

When you make an appointment you will have Full Access to treatment currently only available in the most expensive high end salons.

You will get all of the above… You’ll get the most fashion conscious, meticulous Top City Salon Trained, Senior Stylist available.

You’ll get a No Expenses Spared Hair Makeover… One that is Guaranteed to have the most beautiful woman in the room second guessing herself.

“Exclusive deal you have never seen before, this is not available anywhere else!”


What does this mean?

Goldwell colouring is like no other available in the WORLD! You will not find these products in any of your average high street salons.


Because it’s only available to High End Salons, and the few salons that do stock it MUST invest in Advanced Training for their staff.

The jealously guarded ingredients in Goldwell colouring will give you much nicer colours. Colours like you have never seen before!

You will not find these colours in the supermarket, and they are only STRICTLY available in High End Salons. 

So when you call Sarah...

You’re in for a Double Whammy Treat.

We have negotiated an exclusive deal, so that you can now have an Official Goldwell Colour Expert in the comfort of your own home!

“If you’ve been thinking you need a change, now is the perfect time to get a Risk-Free haircut”

Whether you need a full makeover, or just a cut and blow dry now is the perfect time to get a Risk-Free haircut.

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, like a Wedding or a Prom, make sure you’ve bookmarked this page or you could risk missing out.

And call as soon as possible to check if your date is available, in case someone else beats you to it! 

Risk Free Guarantee: If you do not agree that the experience you recieved by Hairdressers Livingston is on a par with the most expensive Salon you can think of.

And you are not blown away by the friendly service and, the way you were made to feel relaxed, and reassured before proceeding with anything, then simply say so and you will not have to pay a single penny! Is that fair?

Call Sarah now!

P.S. Don’t forget to bookmark Hairdressers Livingston, where you will get freshly updated advice on how to look after, and care for your hair. And lots more.

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