Har Vokse Review: Don't Buy Har Vokse Until You've Read This

Har Vokse Are Trying to Convince You They Can Help Regrow Your Hair... But is There any Real Evidence it Works? I found the Answer...

Har Vokse review: Updated March 2020.

If you've already done all your research, and you're just looking to buy Har Vokse.

Where to buy Har Vokse?

Q: Where can I buy Har Vokse?

A: Do not buy Har Vokse from anywhere but the manufacturers official website. Want to know why?

Because there has been a reported increase in the number of  scams and replica products found on the internet and offline. You can only buy Har Vokse from the official website. It is not available offline, or in any shops.

Update: Due to huge demand, the cost of Har Vokse has increased over the years. The supplements, and the hair spray are now sold separately on their own, to make it affordable to more people.

But you also have the option to buy the combo at a discount. I highly recommend the combo, to achieve the best results.

Har Vokse Review - Har Vokse Claims Their Product is Different From Any Other Hair Treatments (Lets Have a Look)

Straight talking Har Vokse review: They say that unlike any other treatments available in the world. Har Vokse has been clinically developed by leading researchers in Norway to treat hair loss both internally and externally.

They claim it stops the medical causes of hair loss right there in it’s tracks. Conditioning, and preparing your scalp for generating beautiful thick hair you can run your fingers through.

While at the same time, the perfectly safe drug-free supplements give life to renewed and vibrant hair growth from the inside. Stopping the hormonal attack that makes your hair fall out directly at the roots, and allowing for fresh new shiny hair to get through.

Har Vokse Side Effects - Does Har Vokse Have Any Side Effects?


There have been no reported side effects from using Har Vokse.

Why might you be considering buying Har Vokse?

Many people understandably are put off by the physical and sexual side effects that have been reported from the hair treatment drugs Monixidil and Propecia.

When you buy Har Vokse you are protected from the worry of having to put chemicals into your body for the rest of your life. Whilst those drugs have been proven to stop hair loss, and promote hair re-growth, it’s also a well known fact that the minute you stop taking those drugs all your efforts will be destroyed.

All the fresh new hair that you have managed to grow will fall out, and you will continue to lose your hair as before.

Not so when you buy from the Har Vokse Official Site.

Har Vokse Ingredients - What Ingredients Are in The Har Vokse Supplements?

All of the ingredients in the oral supplements are 100% natural. They are made up from essential nutrients and vitamins promote growth. Like Amino acids. Your body is naturally made up of, and thrives on these vital Amino acids.

But if you’re deficient your hair is the last place your body will send them. Priority will be given to all your other vital organs. Which is good, but it won’t give you that healthy mop of hair you need to look more attractive.

Other ingredients included in the Har Vokse supplements are zinc gluconate.  Again vital for hair growth, if you’re deficient your hair loss will continue unabated. The supplements also contain extracts of the skin of grapes, and also of the grape seeds. Why is this important in producing hair growth internally from the roots?

Well because these are antioxidants. Antioxidants are what slow down the aging process in general, they are needed to promote healthy hair, and skin cells. Then there’s vitamin b-complex. An essential for strengthening your bones, and hair.

Part of the secret with the vitamin-b complex boost, is that it also strengthens, and calms your nervous system. Stress is a known cause for hair to fall out. They also contain vitamin c and chlorophyll.

The vitamins don't just work on their own though. It's a dual process.

When combined with the special marine protein complex, discovered by scientists in Norway. not only can hair loss be stopped, fresh new growth can be achieved.

Har Vokse Reviews in The Media

Har Vokse reviews - what the newspapers are saying:

Does Har Vokse Work? Is There Any Real Evidence or Medical Case Studies?

The Har Vokse website says the spectacular regrowth claims are based on Double Blind Case Study publicly documented at the Journal of International Medical Research, and they have some documents on display detailing how Har Vokse can work for you.

But I couldn't see the actual case study that is supposed to back up their claim.

In order to give you my opinion I would have to see the actual medical case study and see the results for myself.

So after a lot of hunting around, I finally found a copy of the original Double Blind Case Study.

And here it is.

You will notice that the Double Blind Case Study was done using a product called Hair Gain. What does this mean?

The study was done in Norway where Har Vokse is sold under the name Hair Gain.

It has only more recently branched out to Britain, the USA, all over Europe and many other parts of the world, where it is called Har Vokse.

But in Norway it is called Hair Gain.

So the Double Blind Case Study is genuine enough then. But I still have a problem with it.

To Har Vokse's credit the results from the case study are spectacular. The regrowth rate is incredible for the group that used the product.

But notice that it was only done with a very small group of people, no more than 60 in total.

I know it would be very costly, and difficult to undertake, but if you were to do the same clinical case study on a much larger scale, say with thousands of people, then the results for hair regrowth at that level might be a lot lower.

So for that reason I must warn you that you might not get the same regrowth as the double blind test participants.

The reason drugs like Propecia, and Minoxidil have been approved by the FDA is because they have been double blind tested over and over again multiple times showing good results.

Of course there are no drugs in the Har Vokse treatment, and so that's why the FDA hasn't got involved, there is no danger to the public.

If you want to try Har Vokse make sure you visit the official website.

How Long Does Har Vokse Take to Work?

Realistically how long does Har Vokse take to work? If you were to shave your head it would take a good couple of months to see any significant hair growth.

Even if someone had a full head of hair. If they were to shave it all off, it would probably take a good 4 months for it to get back to normal.

It makes sense then, that clinical researcher Dr Erling Thom recommends you give it 6 months.

Expecting overnight results is unrealistic. 6 months is a reasonable time period for you to notice that the thinning has stopped.

You may even be satisfied with that thought alone. Any thickening of your hair should be noticeable after 6 months.

Watch Dr Erling Thom being interviewed

DHT Baldness Treatment - What is DHT Anyway?

DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone This is a natural hormone that directly causes hair loss. When we have a hormone imbalance it does things to our bodies, and when you have too much DHT hair loss is a visible sign.

It’s quite common for women to suffer from hair loss after pregnancy, this is also due to a hormone imbalance whilst carrying her baby.

That’s not to be confused with DHT though, because the problem normally rectifies it’s self after a short time, when her hormones get back to normal.

Female pattern baldness  on the other hand is caused by too much DHT just the same as men. It attacks your hair the same way whether you’re a man or a woman.

The DHT hormone travels through your blood system and has direct access to your hair at the roots. This is exactly the point where your hair has the ability to flourish or die.

The main structure in your hair follicle is called the dermal papilla. It is the dermal papilla that produces hair growth. What happens is the DHT suffocates the dermal papilla, and stunts any growth. On top of that it makes a wax residue form around the roots which seep out in your pores.

This continual onslaught attacking your hair slows down hair production.

While it’s perfectly normal for some hair to fall out naturally every day. It gets replaced an replenished. But with too much of the DHT hormone, no new hairs appear to replace the lost ones, and so eventually bald patches appear.

Taking hair growth vitamins on it’s own will only be tackling half the problem. You need to stop your progressive hair loss from getting any worse.

And at the same time incubate fresh new growth with the clinically proven marine protein complex

Strengthen your roots from within, and restore your lost hair. You have an affordable non drug solution, now that you know where to buy Har Vokse.

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