Can Egg Yolk Stop Hair Loss And Make it Grow?

Egg Yolk Can Make Your Hair Grow: Myth or Fact?

Can egg yolks stop hair loss and are they natural hair growth remedies?

Before you splatter some egg yolk all over your hair lets have a realistic look at the following question…

Egg Yolk Hair Loss - Can Egg Yolk Treat Hair Loss With Protein?

Egg yolk hair loss treatment works because of protein. Is this true? Can egg yolk treat hair loss because of the massive amount of protein it contains?

Can egg yolks make your hair grow thicker into the bargain?

Protein is essential for hair growth. In fact approximately seventy percent of your hair is made entirely of keratin, a natural protein in your body. And since the content of an egg yolk is very rich in protein, does it make perfect sense that it will help to make your hair grow?

So is it a myth or fact?

A chickens egg yolk can contain up to 6.5g of healthy protein, which means it’s a wonderful way to build up, and fortify your existing hair. Because of the nature of egg yolks they are perfect for whipping up into a natural hair conditioner, that can actually target the weaker points in your hair, where it can be absorbed to strengthen you hair strands.

Egg Yolk Hair Regrowth - Does Egg Yolk Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair?

Whilst egg yolks can strengthen and bolster up the hair you already have, there is no evidence to suggest that an egg yolk regrowth treatment will work.

Does egg yolk stop hair loss at all? An egg yolk on it’s own won't stop hair loss or make your hair grow.

If you’re losing your hair, first you need to work out the reason why you’re losing it. (is it damage, hormonal, pattern baldness etc?)

Then you need to look at what practical solutions are available to you.

A hair transplant although costly has become more and more of a viable solution due to the advances in modern technology.

Approved medications have proven very successful at stopping hair loss and stimulating growth. And there are now modern natural solutions that are available to you.

Eating foods like egg yolk, and applying it to your hair as a conditioner will assist whatever hair restoration solution you decide to go with.

There are also other things you can do to assist.

Nutrients like protein are carried through your blood stream where your hungry hair follicles can get fed directly at your scalp. This is why massaging your scalp to encourage blood flow will be very helpful.

Whatever solution you choose maintaining, or switching to a healthy diet will go a long way to helping your new hair strands to grow and fully develop.

Whilst egg yolks are not a hair growth remedy on their own, they can contribute to making your hair look healthy and shiny. But can they make new hairs grow? Well that one is a myth.

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