How to Make Hair Grow - Why Clogged Hair Follicle on Scalp Thins Your Hair (Remedies)

Why Clogged Hair Follicles Thin Your Hair and Remedies to Stop Hair Loss 

A heads up on how to make hair grow

The longer you let clogged follicles thin your hair, the harder it will be to fix.

The fact that your on this page means that you've done your research, and now you're taking action to remedy the problem.

Treatment For Clogged Hair Follicles Causing Hair Loss

Clogged hair follicles causing hair loss is treatable.

If you’ve been watching in horror as your hair just seems to be getting thinner, and thinner, it’s time to stop worrying and start doing something about it.

When you understand the process of hair loss, it means you can recognize what’s happening, and take the necessary steps to counteract the problem. Here is what you can do to stop your hair from thinning, and hold on to your shiny thick hair.

Looking after your hair is important, if you want to keep it looking good, and prevent any thinning or loss. So here are some remedies to stop your hair from thinning that you can put into action right away.

How to Stop Shrinking Hair Follicles And Regrow Your Hair

Here's how to stop shrinking hair follicles before it's gone too far.

When you begin losing your hair, it’s usually caused by 3 main factors.

* Your hair follicles are gradually becoming clogged and stopping hair from getting out

* Your hair isn’t getting the necessary nutrients for healthy strong hair

* There isn’t enough blood circulating around your scalp, so that it can feed these nutrients to your hair

So lets start with the first 2 factors.

Stop DHT Naturally Regrow Hair And Fix Clogged hair follicles

Stop DHT naturally, regrow hair by fixing clogged hair follicles.

In a similar way to acne, your hair follicles can get clogged. With acne a clogged follicle causes sebum along with bacteria getting trapped within, which causes infection, and the end result is you have a pimple.

Your skin forms a surface over the infection.

A similar thing happens with a clogged hair follicle on your scalp. The hair from that follicle gets trapped and is unable to get through. Eventually your scalp will get smooth and form a shiny surface you often see in bald men.

It makes perfect sense then, if you want to prevent any further thinning is to stop your follicles from getting clogged. Once you understand what makes your follicle get clogged you can take remedial action.

Stop Follicle Miniaturization - This is the Process that Causes your Follicles to get Clogged

Stop follicle miniaturization process. This is what happens:

* A chemical reaction in your blood that produces too much testosterone, which is then converted to DHT and this is what clogs up your follicles.

* When you use products like shampoos and conditioners, and then add to that styling gels there is a build up of unnatural chemicals that stick to your scalp, then get trapped inside your follicles

* With the release of sebum, this mixes with any dry skin, or flakes and forms a hard surface clogging up your follicles

How to Stop DHT at The Root of The Follicle to Stop Hair Loss

What happens when DHT builds up on your follicles?

It’s now common knowledge in the hair loss industry that too much testosterone converting to DHT is what clogs the follicles.

With this knowledge you can use a soothing hair treatment spray like Har Vokse to arrest the hair loss and open up your pores for thick shiny hair to get through.

Along with the Har Vokse spray are anti hair loss supplements that heal from the inside. They are also packed with all the vital vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

Harsh shampoos and conditioners

The majority of these  products are made with harsh chemicals, additives, and things that can strip any goodness from your hair. Only buy quality shampoos with a low PH, or simply use gentle baby products. If it’s safe for a baby it will be safe for you.

Look for all natural products that are more herbal than chemical, it’s not just your follicles you need to look out for. Harmful chemicals can seep into your blood, which in turn gets carried to your liver.

Sebum Plug Hair Loss Treatment Releasing And Mixing With Dry Skin

Whether you have oily or dry hair, too much sebum will mix with any dirt available, and will cling to dry skin cells, and any residue left over from products. You need a good sebum plug hair loss treatment.

Using  Har Vokse treatment spray stops the sebum from mixing with dry skin cells, and any other residue, therefore avoiding clogged follicles, and keeping your pores open for healthy growth.

These simple steps for how to make your hair grow will go a long way to preventing your hair from thinning any more.


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  6. Well, about clogged hair its good but i did this methods before my hair transplant still no effect :)
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