Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips – New Patient Aquisition

How to Get New Patients Into Your Practice Without Wasting Money

These plastic surgery marketing tips are for you if...

Your practice isn't as busy as you'd like it to be.


You've got a beautiful website, and yet you're barely getting any phone calls if any at all.

Sound familiar?

If the inquiries you do get turn out to be time wasters, and quite frankly you just hate selling, then you must read on.

You sweated blood to get through medical school, and you're well versed in all the complexities of plastic surgery.

But what they never taught you at medical school is how to get customers.

And in particular how to get customers for a Surgeon's practice, whether it's a cosmetic surgery, a hair transplant surgery, or anything similar.

You've probably wondered.

How come some practices are doing really well. They have posh premises in a good location, with lots of staff, and all the latest equipment.

And they're charging top dollar!

Yet others are struggling.

Well, it's basically supply and demand. You know there is a very strong demand for people out there wanting to look good.

And in times past there wasn't so much competition, so it was easier to establish a business.

But nowadays the competition is cut-throat, and everyone wants a slice of the pie.

So is setting up a new practice doomed?

Well no, quite the opposite actually. How so?

Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas (Practical)

Do this... Google “plastic surgery” or “hair transplant” followed by your town or city. Open a new page now and try it.

What did you see?

Lots of paid adverts on Google.

What does that mean?

It means there is a lot of money to be made. If you're seeing the same ads there consistently, it means your competitors are making money.

Otherwise, why would they keep spending?

Don't get me wrong, you can actually lose a lot of money advertising on Google if you don't know what you're doing.

Advertising a keyword like “hair transplant surgery” will cost you several dollars just for one click. So your bill can easily add up.

What I see a lot of advertisers do is send the potential customer straight to the home page on their website.

This is normally a huge mistake.


Plastic Surgery Advertising That Leaves Your Competitors in The Dust

Because sending them to the home page on your website isn't going to convert very well, if at all. (Translation, very few phone calls, if any)

But if people keep clicking on your advert, the costs will add up.

Just sending people to the home page, or any other sales page on your website may have worked in the olden days, but not so much anymore.

Read on to learn:

  • Why it's not profitable to send people to an internal sales page on your website anymore.

  • How to get sales without spending thousands of dollars on a sales copywriter.

  • What a carefully crafted headline can do to grab your prospects attention

But first, everything starts with a headline. Whether it's a newspaper article, a sales letter, or an advert.

Imagine driving down the highway, and you see a car wreck on the other side. You're determined to keep your eyes on the road, and you try not to look...

But you just can't help yourself, and you sneak a peek.

That's how powerful a good headline is. It forces people to look at the content of your sales letter. It compels them to read on.

But it doesn't stop there.

You've got to keep them hooked.

You need clever sales psychology.

Think about it.

Lots of people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new car.


Because they want to look good.


Because it makes them feel good.

Giorgio Armani is quoted as saying.

“I am not in the business of selling clothes, I sell feelings”

If people are prepared to spend tens of thousands on a car, how much more so will they be prepared to spend on their physical appearance?

The only reason people spend money on cosmetic surgery and hair restoration is “emotional”.

They will dig deep into their pockets in order to feel good.

And that's essentially what good sales copy is all about.

If that's the case, what's the problem with sending people to an internal sales page on your website?

The world has changed.

Why is it no longer profitable to just send people to an internal sales page?

People are much more impatient now than ever before. And the fact of the matter is nowadays very few people will make a purchase the first time they visit your page.

In fact, anything like plastic surgery, hair transplants or anything that has a fairly high price point, is highly unlikely to make a sale on the first visit.

When someone visits your website for the very first time, they think ok very nice...

Then all it takes is one click, and they're gone forever.

Never to be seen again.

Have you ever gone into a shop, and bought an expensive item having only seen it once? Normally you will go away and have a think about it. Then maybe come back and look at it a few times before you get your credit card out.

That's why websites on their own are outdated.

Plastic Surgery Email Marketing (Sales Funnel Made Easy)

You need a sales funnel.

What's that?

A sales funnel is essentially a website, with a difference.

It starts off as one page... A landing page.

Instead of landing on a typical website, where there are all sorts of distractions, and confusion, that makes people hit the back button.

A landing page is kind of like a spiders web.

The sole purpose is to capture anyone that lands on it.

Well at least capture their name, and email.

That's it.

They won't buy if they've just met you.

You can't take a girl on a first date... ask her to marry you, and expect her to say yes!

But you can keep her interested.

How can you get sales without spending thousands of dollars on a sales copywriter?

You can lure people into giving you their email address in exchange for helpful information.
A profitable sales funnel is all about giving before you take.

It's about developing a relationship in order to build trust.

There are lots of companies collecting email addresses, but most of them haven't got a clue what they're doing.

As soon as they get your email address, they flood your inbox with self-serving sales messages.

They don't give you any value, it's all about selling. And nobody likes being sold to.

But everyone likes honest guidance and answers to their problems.

If you can become a trusted friend, which surgeon will they choose to operate on them?

Sales Funnel Marketing For Plastic Surgery (How To)

When you're marketing for plastic surgery, you're probably using some form of pay per click, whether it's Google, or Facebook, or something else.

Now with sales funnel marketing, there are different stages.

The first stage is when you set up your advert, you need to link to a landing page. This is essentially a single page website.

Now unless you're a web designer, you'll need a  software to do this for you.

You have a choice of landing page software options out there. Some are fancier looking than others, and they are all pretty much a similar price.

Just Google it and you will see what I mean.

There is a super easy way to set this up, but there is also a harder way, but just bear with me while I give you the full picture.

A lot of marketers are doing it the harder, and more expensive way.

Ok, so as I said, you need a landing page that can collect email addresses. What you also need on top of that is an autoresponder service.

This is additional software that acts as your personal secretary and sends out information, on breast augmentation or warning about the dangers of using the wrong hair transplant procedures. 

Again you have lots of choices if you Google autoresponders.

The pricing on that software is usually low to start, but as you gain subscriptions the pricing of them all is much the same.

What you then have to do is connect your autoresponder service to your landing page software of choice. 

It's actually not difficult. You just copy and paste some code.

You will find that all of the landing page software's claim to be compatible with most autoresponder services.

Now what I haven't mentioned yet is the most important thing.


It is pointless paying to send potential customers to a landing page that doesn't convert.
That would be wasting money.

So with there being a variety of landing pages out there, some convert better than others.

Sales Funnel Templates (Easiest Way)

By far the easiest way to set up your sales funnel is with a single software that does all of the above, and more.

The main reason I recommend Clickfunnels is because the choice templates have been scientifically proven to convert.

The company has literally spent millions of dollars split testing everything. 

It's an easy to use drag and drop software, you can set up quickly.

It's self-explanatory, but there are easy tutorials as well.

And you get the landing page software and autoresponder service all in one. (Their autoresponder is called Actionetics)

All for a single cost.

Here's the thing.

As soon as you get those email subscriptions (people that are interested in plastic surgery) you can market to them forever. For free. 

You know your target market.

You know their pain.

Give them answers to their problems. Fill up your Actionetics with helpful advice and articles. These can either be your own ideas, or other peoples.

The software will send them out on autopilot as often as you want. (every day if you want at first) but once a week is a solid plan for the long-term.

Try to give more than you take. intermittent special offers are perfectly acceptable. Remember to link back to your website at the end of the articles.

Does all of this sound a bit overwhelming?

If you haven't got a clue how to build a sales funnel, your in for a treat.

Russell Brunson, the owner of Clickfunnels is giving his book away for free.

The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Practice Online

Known as the underground playbook for growing your practice online.

It's got 254 pages packed with everything you need to know to build a successful sales funnel on the internet.

You really won't find a more complete guide.

The illustrations make it easy to learn, and Russell's freindly charm makes it an enjoyable read.

You can get it delivered to your door for free, just help out with the shipping.

Take a look here.


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