Cure For Baldness – Fountain of Youth Gene LIN28A (Accelerates Hair Growth)

Case Studies & Citations Reveal Full Regrowth...

Encouraging developments have uncovered a possible cure for baldness and alopecia. Another breakthrough for scientists hot on the trail for a baldness cure.

Dr. George Daley and researchers from the Harvard Medical School believe they have located a miraculous Fountain of Youth Gene that has the ability to regenerate tissue and hair regrowth.

A gene family called LIN28A hailed the 'Fountain of Youth Gene' is very active in babies, and in the embryo. Inhibiting proteins in your cells that are behind the ageing process.

This amazing youthful cell regenerating process stops in childhood never to be seen again.

Some amphibians and insects are able to continue this process throughout adulthood. But all mammals including humans struggle to regenerate tissue after they are born.

A citation published at Cell has revealed that these genes have the ability to regenerate tissue in adult humans. This includes bone, cartilage, hair follicles and mesenchyme which is a connective and cell binding tissue.

Mice normally stop producing more hair at around ten weeks. But in lab tests the ones that were genetically modified to produce LN28A in adulthood had massively increased regenerative abilities.

Instead of stopping growing hair at ten weeks, they all continued to grow fur for as long as they lived.

Even limbs and digits that were amputated when the mice were young almost completely grew back in.

Rodents were also used to recreate hair loss situations. For example Traction Alopecia. This is where certain hairstyles can put excessive stress on the hair shafts causing baldness. Test cases showed that when LIN28A was triggered it resulted accelerated full hair regrowth.

Quoting Dr. Haley...
“It sounds like science fiction, but LIN28A could be part of a healing cocktail that gives adults the superior tissue repair seen in juvenile animals,”

Could this fountain of youth gene be a potential cure for baldness? Well it seems we are a lot closer than we were before, but it still seems there is a long way to go before there can be a human application.

It just appears scientists have found a new exiting avenue to go down. There are still hurdles to overcome.

Although LIN28A has the ability to make elderly cells believe they are fresh regenerating baby cells there have been complications involving tumorigenesis a hot topic with cancer researchers.

The only FDA approved medications to date are Propecia for men with mild to moderate hair loss. And Minoxidil for men and women the active ingredient being in the Provillus Spray.

If you prefer herbal and natural remedies you might want to look at the Har Vokse results in a double blind medical case study.

See them here.


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