Does natural progesterone stop hair loss in women?

Does Natural Progesterone Stop Hair Loss, or Cause it - Which is True?

Does natural progesterone stop hair loss in women?
Hair loss in women can happen when there is a hormonal imbalance.
Natural progesterone cream is given to women that have too much estrogen.
When you have what's called “Estrogen Dominance” it can cause hair loss. Using progesterone in this case will help to stop hair loss.
Having to much estrogen will also make your body think it's pregnant, so you will start piling on the weight as well.
You will need to pay a visit to your Doctor first to see if you've got a hormonal imbalance.
It's perfectly normal to lose hair after pregnancy, but this almost always resolves it's self naturally.
There can be lots of things that may be causing your hair loss, so getting your Doctor to check if it's hormonal will identify if that's what it is.
Otherwise taking natural progesterone won't stop your hair loss. In fact if you take it when you don't have too much estrogen, you will just give yourself a hormonal imbalance.
When you don't have enough of either progesterone or estrogen, Your body can produce male like tendencies.
It's very common for men to have hair loss.

And the exact same thing can happen to you.

What happens is an enzyme in your body called alpha 5-reductase reacts with testosterone, which you may now have too much of.
And it turns the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Which when shortened is known as DHT.
The DHT is well recognized as being responsible for male and female pattern baldness.

It launches an attack on your hair follicles miniaturizing them until they are invisible.
You will still have very fine hairs on your head, but they will appear to the general public as bald patches.
So if you don't have enough progesterone you might get hair loss, and if you don't have enough estrogen suffer hair loss.
If your finding that you're losing hair not just on your head this can be a sign of a low thyroid. Visit your Doctor.

Does natural progesterone cause hair loss instead of stop it?

So does natural progesterone cause hair loss? Well if you don't have too much estrogen taking natural progesterone will give you too much so therefore you are likely to experience hair loss.
But natural progesterone aside, only your Doctor can tell you if you need it or not. Your hair loss could be caused by a wide variety of things that have nothing to do with natural progesterone.

There are lots of medications that are known to cause hair loss. Has your hair loss occurred after you've taken something?

Retrace your steps to when your hair loss began.
All sorts of medications can cause hair loss, ranging from anti-depressants to the common birth control pill.
You might be deficient in something and it's making your hair fall out. This could be one of the important b vitamins like biotin.
There are fatty acids that are vital for hair growth. Have you experienced major stress? Major stress is another thing that is known to make you lose hair.
Lots of illnesses can cause hair loss. Anorexia & bulimia are common eating disorders that can result in hair loss.
Then of course your problem could be external damage to your hair. A dodgy perm, Too much bleach being put in your hair to try and fix a bad colouring job.
Damaging your hair even worse so that it falls out.

You might have been harshly combing your hair while it was still wet, causing extensive damage & breakage.

Or you might have had the heat setting on to high on your hair dryer.

If you think you might have broken a lot of your hair like this from external damage, natural progesterone cream will be of no use to you whatsoever.

In fact there isn't a hair loss treatment on the planet that will help you with that. You will just need to start taking more care in future.

Har Vokse vs Rogaine/Regaine For Healing Hair Loss

Har Vokse vs Rogaine, also known in the UK as Regaine. Both Har Vokse and Rogaine are popular hair restoration treatments.

They are both very suitable for women. Regaine for women contains minoxidil which is FDA approved for stopping hair loss, and some people have experienced regrowth.

Because minoxidil is a drug it had to be approved by the FDA.

Har Vokse supplements are completely natural, and if your hair loss is happening because your deficient in something, whether it's a lack of vitamins, biotin, an amino acid, or something else.

The ingredients in the anti hair loss supplements will have you covered.

In addition to the Har Vokse supplements, the course includes a treatment spray. The makers claim that this dual healing method is the reason 90% of patients using Har Vokse experienced hair regrowth.

But is there any genuine proof of that very bold claim? I found out here.

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