What is The Best Remedy For Hair Growth? (2 Options)

What is the best remedy for hair growth apart from surgery? Well it depends what caused the hair loss in the first place.

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There are a variety of reasons why people lose there hair and need a growth remedy. It could be some type of external damage from say an electrical appliance such as straightners or a hairdryer. So the best remedy would be to stop damaging it.

Chemotherapy to treat cancer patients causes hair to fall out. The only remedy here would be to wait until the treatment is over then your hair should grow back in again.

The hair loss gene can be passed on genetically. If you have fine hair in particular, you may be more susceptible to hair thinning.

Hormonal hair loss in women is known as female pattern baldness, and is similar to male pattern baldness except that there is usually no receding but rather the hair thins over the whole scalp.

The good news for women is that it’s unusual to go completely bald as is so common with men. The hormone that causes it though in both cases is DHT. With other things that help to aggravate the problem.

Things like poor diet, dry skin, and environmental issues all play a role in hindering your hair growth. So what is the best remedy for hair growth?

Well the quickest remedy to get some immediate feeling of hair growth would be to use a thickening product. Although this won’t actually make your hair grow any thicker, it will make it instantly look and feel a bit thicker which is a good start.

Getting a layered haircut will also help to give the appearance of growth. And make sure you’re not using any products with harsh chemicals, or stressing your hair with too much heat.

Adding highlights is a great way to give the illusion of growth as well. So for example if you have brown hair you could get some nice auburn highlights, it’s not the best remedy, but it will make you feel better straight away.

So What is The Best remedy For Hair Growth Available?

Well hair growth really has to be taken seriously if you want to get results.

There are actually two best remedies available to you. You can take FDA approved drugs that promote hair growth or you can do it the natural way.

Minoxidil used in products like Rogaine are applied to your scalp externally, and is suitable for hair growth in both men and women.

Propecia is taken in pill form and again this is approved by the FDA for hair growth and is used successfully by millions of men all over the world. Propecia must not be used by women, mainly due to the damaging pregnancy issues.

Warning: As with all drugs there is always a risk factor. Even with aspirin. Propecia has hit the headlines with the side effects a few have experienced. On the plus side it’s considered very low risk as less than 2% of people experience any.

You must speak to your medical doctor first, and get a prescription if you want to grow your hair with Propecia.

Money Saver

Propecia is marketed as a brand of the drug Finasteride. You  can save a lot of money buying the drug in it’s generic form (non branded)

It’s exactly the same thing but much cheaper, only the packaging is different, Finasteride is the same drug whether you buy it under the name Propecia, or the much cheaper generic form.

There are many fakes going around. You must have your prescription with you and only buy from a Legal Pharmacy.

If you want to save time, we have sourced the cheapest Legal Finasteride on the internet. Where you can get free fast shipping, and dedicated customer service.

Your second option is to go with an all natural hair restoration product. With this hair growth remedy there is no need for FDA approval as there are no drugs, so no risks of any side effects. Although if you have any allergies it would be wise to check out the ingredients.

So now you know the best remedy for hair growth, and what options are available to you. It’s up to you to choose the best remedy for you.


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