CB-03-01 hair loss results - cosmo pharmaceuticals hair loss tests

Safe Propecia Alternative For Men And Women

CB-03-01 hair loss results looks to be a great source of relief to hair loss sufferers.

Back in 2010 cosmo pharmaceuticals hair loss tests revealed that the chemical entity CB-03-01 for treating male pattern baldness was more effective than taking oral steroids that are normally used for treating androgenetic alopecia.

It was applied to the scalp of 40 men and 30 women that had gone through the menopause. All of them suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

The way it was done was through a process called iontophores. Where ions are carried inside a vehicle, and driven electrically.

The results also showed not only a better density in the follicles, but also an increase in the diameter of the hair shaft.

There is what's called a pull test you can do on yourself to see if you are currently shedding, or losing too much hair.

This test also saw an improvement in the patients.

There was also a reduction of the size of the sebaceous gland. That meant they would subsequently produce less sebum to block their pores.

All good.

Propecia Alternative That Works by Stopping Deadly DHT 

A Propecia alternative that works by stopping DHT from shrinking your hair.

For the first time, there could at last be a real alternative to Propecia. As it stands Propecia is the only anti hair loss drug approved by the FDA.

With all the scary stories going around about people having terrible side effects from Propecia, a new safe alternative can't come a moment too soon.

Propecia works by stopping dihydrotestosterone DHT from miniaturizing the hair follicles. Women are not allowed to use Propecia because it effects the womb so there is an even greater need for a practical hair loss treatment for them.

CB-03-01 Alopecia Hair Loss in Women

In fact hair loss in women with alopecia need this much more than men.

What CB-03-01 can do is, it can work on the androgen receptor inside the skin. Stopping DHT inside the cell from attaching to the receptor.

On top of that it has anti inflammatory properties that can do the same job as steroid creams, but without the risks.

The end result is that CB-03-01 then metabolises to a substance that is perfectly safe inside the blood system.

This treatment isn't available on the market yet, and is still to go through all the usual double blind tests etc before it will get approval from the FDA, but it does look very promising.

If and when the treatment does go to market, it's still unclear how it would be applied. What vehicle will be used to apply the chemical entity topically to your scalp.

Will it be a spray or foam, or will it be some sort of shampoo?

Even still, we don't know if it will be safe until it's approved by the FDA.

If you prefer natural healing, then you will want to have a look at my Har Vokse review. They say they have a high success rate for regrowing lost hair.

But can that really be true with a non drug product? I did a full investigation, and this is what I found.


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