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For Total Peace of Mind...

Har Vokse is one of those products that stands head and shoulders above all those fake people. You know, the snake oil salesmen you find online. Always research before you buy. Then after you have seen evidence you will have peace of mind. Har Vokse has been around for a while now, and so it is a time tested product. Over the years a variety of hair loss treatments and supplements have come and gone.

And that's a sign they were no good.

Or if you want it in child's speak, the product never worked. So much so, people stopped buying them once the publicity died down.
A good product that benefits people will go from strength to strength like Har Vokse has. Har Vokse first of all came out of Norway, but has with lightening speed - spread all over the world. And here's what will surprise you... It's not because it is cheap. In fact the price of Har Vokse has increased like a power surge over the years.

This is a good sign of a reliable product.

You need to be careful though. As with all successful products, there are some fakes out there.

If you want to have a look at Har Vokse make sure you visit the official supplier.

These are the main benefits of Har Vokse.

  • There is a clinical case study where a 90% success rate was achieved.
  • It's compatible with men and women alike.
  • Nourishes the hair at the roots, so that existing hair remains in place.
  • Soothes irritation on the scalp (irritation increases hair loss)
  • Triggers a new cycle of hair growth
  • 2 paths to success. Oral and external treatments.
  • Zero side effects unlike taking drugs.
  • Produced from 100% natural ingredients.

And the cons.

  • It's not an overnight solution. It does take a few months to notice the results.
  • Although a 90 % success rate was achieved, this also means it will not work at all for some people.

The great thing about Har Vokse is that it is a totally unisex product. Unlike drugs used to treat hair loss.

When you go down the drugs route. Some can be used by men, but are dangerous for women.

But with Har Vokse it is safe for everyone due to the natural ingredients.

Why is Har Vokse working so well?

Hair loss supplements have actually been around for a while. The concept isn't entirely new.

You may have heard of hair strengthening products such as Viviscal. Well the Har Vokse supplements have similar ingredients, but what they have developed now is second to none.

But does Har Vokse actually work?

There are two procedures to treat your hair loss, so that you will have the best advantage. First of all The Har Vokse spray soothes the scalp, and reduces any inflammation.

Inflammation causes more hair to fall out, but by reducing the inflammation that creates the perfect environment for more hair to get through.

At the same time the ingredients in the spray feed your hair from the outside, and provide a protective shield around the follicles.

As well as doing all of this, the spray is also working hard at keep the base of the follicles clean, and free from any dead cell that could prevent hair growth.

Har Vokse ingredients work in harmony with the spray.

The Har Vokse ingredients are doing a similar job, but from the inside. So what are these ingredients?

As I've said it contains some of the same ingredients as hair strengthening products like Viviscal. But what makes Har Vokse different are the Marine Polysaccharides.
That's the key ingredient that makes Har Vokse work.

Marine polysaccharides are the secret sauce for stimulating hair growth, and they are at work in both the supplements and the spray.

The product also contains a lot of Amino Acids.

Amino Acids help the process by increasing the circulation of the Har Vokse nutrients through the blood, so that they can get to the hair roots faster.

The product also contains Grape Seed Extract. This is actually an anti-oxidant, which helps to regenerate more youthful hair cells.

Will you see any results from using Har Vokse?

The main problem with most people is that they are so keen to see fast results, that they try something for a month, don't see any results, then conclude that it doesn't work.

The fact of the matter is the hair cycle takes time.

There is no other way around it. If you try any form of treatment for a month it may well be working, but you won't actually see that it's working.

It simply takes time for hair to grow. And then it will become more visible.

Then again although there is a high success rate with Har Vokse, you could be one of the 10% that saw no results whatsoever.

On the other hand 90% of the case study saw a good result.

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