Can Silica Help Hair Loss in Men?

Taking Silica to Stop Hair Loss

When you go outside, your hair is probably the first thing people will notice about you. 

Whether people see you from behind, or they are in front of you, they will see what your hair looks like.

The next things they will notice are your skin and nails.

Luckily when you take silica to help stop hair loss your skin and nail health will improve.

When you know your hair is looking nice, it will attract people to your confident energy.

What is Silica, And How Does it Help to Stop Hair Loss?

Silica is a natural mineral that comprises silicon and oxygen.

There is an abundance of Silica found naturally on the earth. And if you eat plenty of healthy stuff like green vegetables and whole foods, there should be lots of silica in there.

Most people are not aware of the power silica has in helping to stop hair loss.

But this is fascinating.

Silica is not just important for hair growth, it is vital for bone growth.

Babies and young children have a lot of silica naturally in their bodies. And the frightening thing is, that as people get older, the natural silica quickly diminishes.

You'll probably have noticed that children almost always have thick shiny hair. 

Boys in particular under the age of 18 almost always have thick hair.

Then after that there is an alarming rate of rapid hair loss in young men.

This could be partly attributed to a lack of silica, although it is not the only reason for baldness in men.

When a young person breaks a bone, they heal much quicker than an elderly person. That's because the elderly are low on silica.

You can't see the silica in people, but you can see the evidence when you compare a young man's head of hair to an older man.

It's not surprising then that silica is used to help with osteoporosis.

How Silica Improves Your Skin as Well

The ageing process not only weakens your bones and makes your hair fall out, but for many people their skin also sags.

This is because of a lack of silica.

This has the undesired effect of making you look much older. Collagen is the name for the connective tissues that hold your skin in place, and it mostly comprises silica.

Taking silica supplements can also help with acne.

The Reason Silica Doesn't Work For Hair Loss

If you're thinking of buying silica supplements to stop hair loss, then I must warn you, it will waste your time.

Silica on its own will not stop hair loss in men with male pattern baldness.

If you already have a good head of hair, then taking supplements like silica will help to improve the health and appearance of your hair, but they will not restore, nor stop hair loss.

This is because receding hair in men is a process called DHT.

When hair follicles shrink to where they become invisible, it is not because of a lack of silica; it is 99% of the time because of DHT.

The only way I know of to stop hair loss, is by taking approved drugs for hair loss, or by taking a natural treatment that is evidence based.

Looking at the before and after picture you will think WOW what a difference.

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