Convert Vellus Hair Into Terminal Hair With Rogaine

Vellus Hair to Terminal Hair Tests Carried Out at 27 USA Medical Centers

How to Convert Vellus Hair Into Terminal Hair You Can See

Before you know how to convert vellus hair into terminal hair, you need to know that your hair grows and falls out naturally in phases. Then when it falls out a brand new shaft of hair grows in its place.

When you have a full head of hair, all of your follicles more or less stay the same size. But your body has the ability to completely change the size of your hair follicles.

This physical transformation can happen throughout your entire body. For example when you were a child you were covered in vellus very fine almost invisible hair, apart from the hair on your head.

Then as you became an adult some of your body's hair grow into grown up terminal hair. Much longer, thicker, and clearly visible as opposed to the fine vellus hair that previously grew in it's place.

Does Vellus Hair Turn Into Terminal Hair on The Scalp?

Does vellus hair turn into terminal hair on your scalp?

The problem is if you're suffering fromhair loss caused by DHT miniaturizing your hair follicles, a lot of your hair will have been reduced into what's called vellus hair. In other words very fine barely visible hair.

Once this pattern has begun men can be 100% certain it will proceed to complete baldness.

Women don't normally go completely bald, but there can be excessive general thinning.

Along with the DHT hormone attacking your follicles, you might have your age, your genetic make up, and hormones working against you.

This miniaturizing effect brings a stop to your hairs production cycle, and more and more of your hair goes into the final resting phase, where within a couple to several months it will just fall out leaving you with bald patches.

How Does Vellus Hair Turn to Terminal With Rogaine?

Vellus hair can turn into terminal using Rogaine. You will still have very fine vellus hairs that you may or may not be able to see.

Although this has probably been a traumatic experience for you, there is good news.

The amount of actual hair follicles on your head remains the same. You will still have just as many hairs on your head that you had before.

The only difference now is that many of them have been reduced to a vellus state.

On top of that the actual cellular structure of your follicles remain unchanged. They are exactly the same as they were before, only now they are much smaller.

Can Rogaine be Used For Frontal Baldness Vellus Hair?

Can Rogaine be used for frontal baldness vellus hairs? Well yes lots of men have had success using Rogaine for frontal baldness.

The reason it says on the pack, it's only recommended for the crown area is because that's the only area that was covered in the clinical trials.

There is nothing to stop you using Rogaine for frontal baldness.

Rogaine can convert vellus hair into terminal hair with a drug called minoxidil, which is it's key ingredient.

The minoxidil works at enlarging the vellus miniaturized follicles. Reversing the process. And slowly converting them into terminal adult hair.

This brings the hair back into the growth phase, and over the course of several months as the follicles get thicker, and steadily longer, you should start to see a difference.

You may be alarmed if after you start using Rogaine, you start to see some shedding, or more than normal hair falling out.

Don't worry.

This is actually a good sign. It means your follicles have gone into the growth cycle. This is perfectly natural.

Hair that's in the final resting phase MUST fall out in order to make way for new growth to come through.

The key is sticking with it and not giving up.

It can take several cycles to really get things going. Each cycle can take several months to complete. And your more likely to see better growth after more than one cycle.

Does Rogaine Work For Men at Converting Vellus Hair Into Terminal Hair

Rogaine doesn't work for all men, but it does work well for men at converting vellus hair into terminal hair. It has a good track record.

Dermatologists have tested and documented the results at twenty seven medical centers in America. And it did not just involve a small group of patients.

Over 2300 people were double blind tested. All of them were men with pattern baldness at the top of their head.

Half of them used a placebo, fake solution, and half applied Rogaine (minixidil) to the bald patches. After four months The Rogaine patients had significantly more regrowth than the others.

After the 4 month period, 26% the Rogaine users regrowth was considered “moderate to dense”

After a whole year almost half, 48% of the men that stuck with,and continued to apply Rogaine experienced a moderate to dense regrowth.

36% of them had what was considered minimal regrowth, and the final 16% had no regrowth at all.

Does Rogaine Work For Women Turning Vellus Hair Into Terminal Hair?

Similar tests were done on women with female pattern baldness. This was done in eleven American medical centers.

Again the Rogaine (minoxidil) regrowth was far better than those that used a placebo. In each case a physician was on hand to count how many vellus hairs had been converted into terminal.

The result were that 2 thirds of all women using Rogaine, had converted some vellus hair into terminal.

13% of the women were said to have moderate growth. But quite a high 50% only had a minimal regrowth at this stage.

And quite a high 37% had no regrowth at all.

It has to be pointed out that 39% of the ones in the placebo group experienced some regrowth as well.

Finally after eight months, the actual number of brand new hairs that were converted from vellus to full adult terminal hairs, within the bald patch locations.

How Long Does it Take Vellus Hair to Turn Terminal With Rogaine?

The ones using Rogaine (minixidil) had more than twice the regrowth as the people in using the placebo.

What's clear is that Rogaine can turn more vellus hair into terminal over a longer period. The longer you keep using it, the better it gets.

Don't forget that your hair actually grows quite slowly. Each cycle should get better than the last, and a cycle on it's own can last up to 6 months.

When using Rogaine you might only see very fine vellus type of hairs growing at first with no colour in them.

Don't be discouraged. This is a good sign. If there was nothing there before you started using Rogaine, it means you are responding well to the treatment.

The trick is to keep going, and with the following cycles might see that fine vellus hair, turn more and more terminal, and blend in with the rest of your hair.

If you stop using Rogaine, any terminal hairs that you have grown, will go through the cycle and fall out again. Leaving you just as you were before. So if you manage to get to that stage where you have gotten good regrowth, it would be silly to give up.

You might get even better results using Rogaine when combined with Har Vokse  anti hair loss supplements at the same time.

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