Does Regain Work or is it a Scam? (Must Read)

Regaine Might be the Worlds Most Popular Hair Loss Brand... But Will it Work For You? I Did a Full Investigation And This is What I Found...

Q: Does Regaine work or is it an over-hyped scam?

Straight Answer:

Regaine works for many people but it doesn't work for some. And if you're completely bald it won't work at all for you. It is not a scam.

Regaine is exactly the same product as Rogaine over in America. A celebrity anti hair loss brand known by every household in the USA.

Regaine is the UK version. The only difference is in the first 2 letters of the name. In America it's called Rogaine, and in Britain it's called Regaine.

The only way to find out the truth about a product is to find out what REAL PEOPLE are saying not by typing the question into Google and seeing what answer comes up.

(Updated June 2018)

Please be aware that when you read reviews about Regaine on forums etc. 

Most of them will be men. 

Of the few that have got some results with Regaine, there is more than a good chance they will also be taking medication for hair loss such as Propecia.

Propecia is known to have side effects. The most alarming affecting the libido.

We highly recommend you look at Har Vokse, because the medical case studies are much more reassuring, and there is no risk because it's 100% natural.

Regaine Review - Some People Will Tell You Lies Just to Sell You Something

So I went on a journey to do a full Regain review, and browsed through all the hair loss forums I could find. Where I found lots of real people.

There I found lots of emotionally distressed young men and women, horrified and desperately seeking answers to cure their problem. The forums are jam packed full of them asking question after question.

Does this work? Does that work? Have you tried this? Has anyone tried that?

Some people are not that bothered when they lose their hair. But the community on these forums take this stuff VERY seriously.

I have to tell you there is a lot of confusion, and information overload out there.

But by sifting through all the comments, questions and answers, I soon got to know the ones that seemed knew what they were talking about.

All their answers were consistent.

There are experienced veterans that have been on there for years. They have tried everything and bought the t-shirt.

I saw the same answers emerging over and over again. From real people suffering from hair loss. What is working for them, and what is a waste of time.

And I can genuinely say most of what I heard about Regaine, or Rogaine were mostly good things. Some people said their hair had become thicker as a result of using Regaine. Others seemed relieved that it had at least stopped their hair loss from spreading.

There were some though that said Regaine did not work at all for them, although they did recognise that it works for others, it just didn't work for them.

Regaine Side Effects – What Bad Stuff Did I Learn About Regaine?

One bad thing is that you'll need to make sure you'll be able to afford it. Any benefits gained will be lost if you stop using it. And any new growth will probably fall out again.

There are some things you'll want to consider before you start using Rogaine. The negative comments about Regaine side effects weren't very serious on the forums. Just that a few found that it irritated their scalp somewhat. (Some burning and/or stinging sensations)

And as I say some found the product didn't work for them at all. Even after prolonged use over many months. In fact I think someone used it for over a year and it still didn't work.

If you're in good health you're probably perfectly safe to try Regaine. But I must warn you that the active ingredient Minoxidil that stops hair loss is a drug.

If you've had any trouble with your heart, or kidneys or if you've ever had problems with chest pains then you should speak to your doctor first.

On very rare occasions there is a chance that Minoxidil might get absorbed into the skin. So if you're taking any medications there could be issues. Although you don't need a prescription to buy Regaine.

For total peace of mind you can now get a FREE online consultation for hair loss with a registered Doctor in The UK. No matter where you are in the world.

Just fill in the discreet online questionnaire. You will be asked what medications you are on if any. Then you will get recommendations based on your answers.

Regaine For Women & Men - What The Medical Community Are Saying

The Regaine for women contains a lower 2% Minoxidil which studies have shown works best.

Whereas the Regaine for men needs a higher 5% dosage. This liquid form of minoxidil is well known throughout the medical community for it's ability to prevent further hair loss with possible regrowth. It's been time tested.

There is now a high strength Regaine foam available. I noticed on the forums that the foam version seems to cause less irritation.

I do wonder though if the reason for that is much of the foam is being absorbed into the hair before it gets to the scalp (where it is needed to work)

The reason the foam was introduced is because some people were finding the liquid version a bit messy, and were having trouble applying it without some spillage.

Perhaps the extra strength will compensate. If you've tried the Regaine foam please leave a comment on how you're finding it (good or bad)

So that's my best answer to does Regaine work. It's definitely not a scam, and it's extremely popular on all the hair loss forums. Have a look at the full product range if you're thinking of trying it.

Regaine Reviews - What Real People Are Saying About Regaine

Real Regaine reviews from real people:

Yes Rogaine does really work. However, the sooner you start, the better. The later you start, your chances of seeing any regrowth decreases.


Senior Member –

Last July i decided to add Rogaine foam as my hair was still thinning slowly. I feared the shed but got up the nerve and jumped in head first. Now I had sheds, a very small one to start and then hair improved alot then the worst came about 7 months to the 9 month mark but nothing that anyone else could notice. I mean i thought it was a horrendous shed, (hand covered in hair when applying rogaine but believe me no one noticed it). Do Not let the shed stories scare you, if you have a shed it will end pretty quickly and in the end youll be happy you stuck with medication. Now at 12 months my hair is def better then it was last year, I didnt take pictures because i didnt want to look at them, so i can't tell exactly how much it has improved. But i can style my hair like the way i used to about 5years ago, and thats AWESOME. Plus multiple people have commented asking me if i dyed my hair cause it looks darker, i act clueless but its darker cause its much thicker! The few
people who know i use the meds have made comments out of no where telling me my hair looks good and they can't believe that stuff actually works!"


Senior Member –

Cheapest Regaine Extra Strength On The Internet

Your local pharmacy probably sells Regaine. But because they have high overheads it will be expensive. If you're looking to get the cheapest Regaine extra strength, you can save a whopping third off the price when you buy a multi-pack online.

Our #1 Recommendation 

Because it's highly likely that most of the people getting any results with Regaine, are also taking medication for hair loss.

And because the known side effects scare a lot of men.

We recommend you look at Har Vokse

It's completely safe for both men and women, and the medical case studies are much more encouraging.


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  5. Excellent paper and well written. Thank you. I have recently been 'trying' to educate myself on this product with some interest in trying the product REGAINE*. The overwhelming amount of 'opinions' and misinformation online was confusing and I almost gave up until I came across this article ("Does Regaine Work or is it a Scam"). It is a must read and sorts out all the informed and misinformed info out there.

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  8. On the boots site

    Shows Regaine for Women Once a Day Scalp Foam 5% w/w Cutaneous Foamm but info online shows men is 5% and women 2%....I'm little confused why Boots is showing it at 5% for Women?

  9. What if I stop taking regain tablets after two months? will it show some effect on my body or hair loss will start again?

    1. it is not a tablet to be taken internally. it is liquid to be applied on your scalp.

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  13. Was prescribed Rogaine in a 5% solution by my dermatologist when suffering from Alopecia Androgenetica. He advised to apply a 1 ml dose twice daily. Was bought at shop

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  22. Stopped use after 3 days use due to racing heart,dizziness,severe depression and fast weight gain.
    used 5% foam half a cap once a day. I will not touch this product again complete waste of money and detrimental effect on my health.
    female 55 first time use.
    Hope this review helps someone who may have had above symptoms and not realised it could be the minoxidil. Glad I stopped when I did.

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  28. Which one is more efective , tablet or oil ? , how to use it ???

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