How to Add Volume to Fine Hair Naturally - 5 Easy Tips For Beautiful Body

Get Beautiful Body And Gorgeous Healthy Hair in 5 Easy Steps...

Want to know how to add volume to your hair naturally?

Does your hair lack body and volume? Does it seem crushed and frayed to the touch?

If the answer is yes, you have fine hair, but all is not lost…

Read on and your hair will gain volume, health and softness.

Tip 1: Adapt the cut

Tip 2: Give volume by colour

Tip 3: Choose the right shampoo

Tip 4: Choose products that do not add weight

Tip 5: Create volume hairstyle

How to add volume.

Tip 1: Adapt the cut

Very fine hair will not have any body by nature. This type of hair lacks volume because there is no ability to get firm.

This is where Hairdressers hands are essential. The secret? A weathered cutting and scaling.

The idea is to structure most cutting so that the cut is layered and scaled to give the optical illusion of volume. It is best to opt for short cuts or a bob, at shoulder height. Leaving it sitting free.

If your hopelessly addicted to long haircuts, then I recommend a  climbing layered cut. There should be no demarcation because what you want to achieve is a natural result so as to deceive the eye. It’s better not to take too much off the length to avoid the effect of rats tail.

Finally to give more movement to the hair, you could have a nice fringe with a cutting structure that adds to the overall volume. A nice fringed hairstyle that’s tailored to your individual personality.

Tip 2: Give volume by colour

The colour is the real trick to create that illusion of density and volume.  Indeed, colour can play with contrasts and these create the effect of an increased hair mass. Reflexes and wicks allow for this effect.

The colouring tricks work in harmony with the layered cut. Thick colouring in one or two shades lighter than the natural base.

With brown colouring tones, the glaze can illuminate the ends slightly, so that the roots remain darker.
This contrast has to be discreet, and what it does is it creates a greater mass of hair on the top of your head.

Tip 3: Choose the right shampoo

Fine hair due to its rather fragile nature tends to be brittle and damaged quickly. However you must not immediately jump to nutritional products to treat. Fine hair need s a gentle shampoo for normal hair tends to be oily.  Ideally you should minimize the number of washes. Every three days is the ideal frequency. 's Dry shampoo is a great alternative. A shampoo with built in volume like Alpecin shampoo has the advantage of giving body to fine hair.

Tip 4: Choose products that do not add weight

Forget most of the serums, sprays, foams and other treatments, you need to must minimize the use of these products because they add weight to the hair.

If damaged, masks can be applied only at the ends.  Regarding products, thermo protective creams are ideal to hydrate and protect your hair from heat from your hair dryer or iron. Finally, to add volume aerosol products are preferred over foam or other products with alcohol which tend to dry the hair fibre.

Note: Oils, serums and treatments that have a greasy texture should be avoided because they make your hair even more so and that weighs it down. Also avoid silicone treatments because they do not allow the hair to breathe.

Tip 5: Create volume hairstyle

For a natural hairstyle with maximum volume, you could 90 % dry your hair before placing a thick comb at the roots and blow drying over you entire head until you get the desired volume.

The second option is to place rollers to dry your hair, and dry lacquer vaporize with the dryer. After 10 minutes, your hair will have an exceptional volume.

Five or six times vaporize your hair while still damp at the level of the roots and blow dry along, helping with fingers. Through this technique, the hair is coated, the roots are peeled and the volume increases.

Remember to be careful not to break the hair fibre. Intense brushing is not recommended because it will damage fine hair, and if you’re using a straightners try to pass only once so as not to raise too much hair fibre.

And finally eating foods that make your hair grow will help to add volume from the roots up. That's how to make hair grow thicker faster and stronger.

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