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Natural Remedies For Hair Fall (Easy Application)

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Does the very thought of losing your hair fill you with horror? Well here I am going to discuss some natural remedies for hair fall.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the idea of hair transplant surgery is equally if not more scary than your hair falling out. Yet some people are so affected by their hair fall that they’re prepared to go that far. Even though the risks can sometimes be fatal.

Taking drugs to reduce your hair fall is a little less scary, but nevertheless it is expensive as well, and who really wants to be putting drugs into their body?

These natural remedies won’t work if your hair fall is caused by external damage, or some hormonal reason or another, and there is no guarantee that you will suddenly have tons of new hair follicles suddenly popping out on your scalp.

So here are my natural remedies for hair fall…

No 1: Using oil to massage your scalp.

There have been many reports that using massage techniques has been instrumental in remedying hair fall. And what could be more natural?

Olive oil is well known to be naturally good for your skin, and will moisturize your scalp. Other natural oils you could try are almond or perhaps coconut oil. Work those oils into your scalp using hair fall massage techniques.

No 2: Coconut milk is a natural remedy, and is good for it’s soothing qualities. And the nutrients from coconut milk will feed your hungry follicles and leave you feeling refreshed and less likely to fall out after a natural massage.

No 3: Natural antioxidants can be found in lots of the hair growing food in your supermarket. So it’s important that you have a natural healthy diet if you want to reduce hair fall from the inside.

No 4: What about natural juices? Natural juices are packed full of hair fall essentials. For your hair to get the maximum benefit though you should drink it freshly juiced naturally straight from a juicer. A lot of the essential vitamins for reducing hair loss are killed off the longer it is stored. So while the fresh juice in your supermarket has some hair fall benefits, it won’t be any where as good as had you freshly juiced it yourself.

And finally make sure you have an understanding hairdresser that will be gentle with your hair.

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