6 Natural Herbs to Stop Hair Loss You Might Want to Consider

These Hair Loss Herbs Are Easy to Try...

There has been a lot of studies with regards to treating hair loss with medication, but not so much when it comes to natural herbs to stop hair loss.

Why is this?

Well in my opinion, it's down to money. There is more money to be made selling drugs. Drugs that have to be taken forever, or else the effectiveness will disappear.

If there was a simple herbal solution, it wouldn't be profitable for these company's to promote it. So nobody does.

And yet there are certain herbal hair loss remedies, people have been raving about for ages. Even some hair restoration surgeons recommend natural herbs to stop hair loss.

Granted they might not work for everyone, but the fact they have helped some people, means they at least deserve some consideration.

And besides I believe that all possible natural remedies should be considered, before committing to medication.

At least with natural herbs, there is very little risk if any.

So here are 6 natural herbs for hair loss you might want to consider.

1: Not only does Rosmary have hair growth properties, it can also make dark hair shinier, and better looking.

2: Saw Pallmetto is recommended by some hair restoration surgeons. Again some people swear by it, and others say it's no use. Apparantly it's the phytosterols, and fatty acids that are supposed to stop the enzyme alpha 5 reductase from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The cause of male pattern baldness.

3: The Chinese herb Dong Quai is also renowned as stopping the formation of DHT. It's even said that it can regrow lost hair.

4: Aloe Vera is well known as a healer of the skin, it can heal sun burn, if it can do that, think what it can do to an inflamed scalp. The gel can stop hair loss from an irritated scalp.

5: Hot peppers called Capsicum A encourages blood flow to where you need it most if you suffer from hair loss, and that's your scalp.

6: Lemmongrass balances oil production in your scalp, and can result in strong healthy hair growth.

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