Hair Loss – Stop Hair Loss in One Week

The Longer You leave Putting a Stop to Hair Loss the Closer you will be to Complete Baldness

Is it possible to stop hair loss in one week?

Well because everyone is different you may not be able to stop hair loss at all, never mind in one week.

There are hair loss treatments available that have a proven track record for stopping hair loss in it's tracks.

It takes less than a week to start on a hair loss treatment course.

In fact you can get started with a hair loss course immediately.

The longer you leave it, the more hair you will continue to lose. Because it's such a scary thought – losing your hair. Lots of people just freeze, and do nothing.

Doing nothing will not stop hair loss.

Steps to Stop Hair Loss Naturally And Regrow Hair

Now when I say stop hair loss naturally and regrow hair in one week, I don't suggest that you will suddenly have a full head of thick shiny hair in the short space of just one week, but you can straight away begin the process of slowing down your rate of hair loss.

Every little step you take to help stop hair loss will be of benefit.

But first to start with you can't begin to stop hair loss, unless you know what caused it in the first place.

There are actually quite a lot of things that may have caused your hair loss, in fact there could be more tan fifty reasons for you losing hair.

For example if someone set fire to your hair, you will probably know exactly what caused your own individual hair loss.

Of course that example is a little extreme. But external damage is a common cause for hair loss. You can get traction alopecia from wearing your hair in styles that are the latest fashion. Like braiding.

You can also damage your hair from using electrical appliances like straighteners, or even a simple hair dryer with the heat setting on too high.

But by far the most common cause for hair loss is male pattern baldness, and female pattern baldness.

So what options do you have?

The quickest way to stop hair loss is to start a treatment that has been either time tested, or has documented evidence that It works

There are medications you can take, that are proven to have a reasonable success rate for not only stopping hair loss, but regrowing some of your hair as well.

Natural Remedies to Stop Lair loss - Do Natural Hair Loss Remedies work?

The internet abounds with lots of natural remedies to stop hair loss, but do natural hair loss remedies work?

They involve things like massaging your head with eggs, and olive oil, and a whole host of other things thrown in.

Some even suggest you rub raw garlic on your head to cure hair loss.

You're welcome to try all of this stuff, go and find some recipes for hair loss, give them a try, and if it stops your hair loss please leave a comment here and let everyone know about it.

There is no documented evidence that any of it works, anyone can write anything on the internet.

Of course that's not to discount eating foods for hair loss. Your hair is made up with protein, and a host of other other essential vitamins.

If you're deficient in something like biotin for hair growth, then that could be a cause for hair loss.

Best Medicine For Hair Loss Available

The best medicine for hair loss, and the only medicines proven to safely stop hair loss, as vetted by the FDA are Propecia, also known as Finasteride. It's taken orally, and within one week, in fact immediately, it will begin blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone)

The main culprit for causing baldness in men, and even women. Unfortunately women that are of child bearing age cannot take Propecia, as it will damage the baby.

The other medicine approved by the FDA is Minoxidil, which is in Regaine, also known as Rogaine. Regaine for men contains 5% Minoxidil, and Regaine for women contains 2% Minoxidil.

The product has been highly tested and these measurements are what have been found to work best.

Although the general consensus with women who have Alopecia is that the 2% Regaine foam for women isn't strong enough, and taking the men's Regaine is recommended by many.

Stopping Hair Loss Without Propecia - Natural Treatment For Hair Loss

Stopping hair loss without Propecia is done with a modern natural treatment for hair loss.

It has to be stated that taking any drugs involves a degree of risk, even the humble pain killer Aspirin involves a degree of risk.

And hair loss medications are no different. There are possible unpleasant side effects especially with Propecia.

It's no wonder then that Har Vokse hair regrowth has become so popular. Because there are no drugs involved there are no potential side effects.

Added to that the bold claims made from the Har Vokse website make it worth considering.

They say that 90% of people taking HarVokse can experience regrowing their lost hair.

I was skeptical when I heard that that claim so I decided to research the company, and see if they are telling the truth.


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