Garlic For Hair Growth – Can Garlic Stimulate Hair Growth? (Case Study)

Can Rubbing Garlic on Your Head Really Stimulate Hair Growth? I Found a Medical Case Study...

You may have noticed all over the internet, and on forums, some people are claiming they have used garlic for hair growth, and it has helped them to stop hair loss and regrow their hair.

So is there any truth behind all of this?

Well there is no documented evidence to show that garlic on it's own will stimulate hair growth.

And I couldn't find anyone that has put up any before and after pictures showing proof that garlic has in fact stimulated some hair growth.

There is one interesting medically carried out double blind case study though proving that applying garlic gel to the scalp can assist with treating alopecia, and stimulating hair growth.

The case study involves topically applying garlic gel to the scalp along with Betamethasone cream.

Betamethasone cream is a very powerful corticosteroid. You may have heard of corticosteroid cream being used to treat alopecia.

These very powerful steroids are used in conjunction with moisturisers and things to help skin inflammations like dermatitis and what happens with eczema.

In this case it's being used to soothe the inflammation with alopecia.

Corticosteroid creams are often used on alopecia patients to help reduce the symptoms of hair loss, and stimulate growth.

These creams are usually prepared with antibacterial agents in them which may explain why the garlic gel was such a good help with alopecia. Garlic has powerful antibacterial properties.

The conclusion of the case study states that...

“The use of garlic gel significantly added to the therapeutic efficacy of topical betamethasone valerate in alopecia areata.

So garlic is pretty powerful stuff.

But it only helped alopecia when used alongside the steroid betamethasone valerate (corticosteroid cream)

The trouble is you can only use these steroids in the short term, and even then there can be some nasty side effects.

You certainly don't want to be putting these things onto your scalp for too long, as the acids contained in the cream will cause you more harm than good.

The Har Vokse treatment spray reduces this type inflammation in a completely natural way, and also prepares the scalp to stimulate regrowth.

I've investigated the pros and cons of using Har vokse for hair growth, and whether it will work for a condition such as this.

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