Hair Fibres Reviews – Viviscal Hair Fibres (Shocking)

Viviscal Hair Fibres Reviews Are Shockingly Encouraging:

What Are Hair Building Fibres?

Hair fibres are a modern almost magical cosmetic solution to thinning hair.

Just like dyeing your hair is now a very common cosmetic practice hair fibres can help to keep you looking young and attractive.

Hair fibres have been around for a while now, and there have been some teething problems in the early days, like staining, clumping, not staying in when it rains etc.

But as times gone on and more and more companies are jumping on this phenomenal bandwagon, hair fibres have become more and more natural, and very difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

Nowadays you really need to know what you're looking for, and almost need a magnifying glass to tell if someone's using hair fibres to spruce up their appearance.

It has to be said though, that hair fibres are not the perfect solution.

Nothing can truly beat the real thing.

But when tossed around, and mixed in with your real hair, they can very effectively, and quietly conceal your embarrassing and bare bald patches.

Viviscal hair fibres are similar to Toppic which you may have heard of. Viviscal hair concealing fibres have been scientifically developed to look even more natural and undetectable than ever before. With a variety of colours, which you can now mix and match to blend in with your natural or coloured hair.

How do Hair Building Fibres Work?

Although it looks very easy on the demonstration videos it might take you a little while getting used to it. Some people are instantly delighted when they buy Viviscal hair fibres.

Others have been disappointed that the colour didn't match straight away.

This tends to be more especially the case with the lighter hair tones, as there is such a variety in depth and tones of hair colouring.

You might be better starting off with a lighter colour to see if it looks more natural.

It's kind of similar when you're trying to dye out your grey hairs. Sometimes going to dark doesn't always look natural, whereas a lighter colour does.

You may have to play around with a couple of colours until your happy with the shade.

Don't get too obsessed with it though.

Real hair does not contain one boring hair colour.

Look around at peoples hair. No matter what colours you see there will be a variety of reds, browns, golden, copper. I could go on.

Just like an artists palate, there are a variety and abundance of colours in peoples hair.

Unless of course they're using cheap hair colouring!

So don't over obsess.

The reality is that nobody will be paying as much attention to it as you are.

Hair Building Fibre - How to Use

Some people make the mistake of putting on too much, but you'll actually find that less is more. You don't to put a lot on, as the electrostatic fibres very quickly bond with your existing hair.

As soon as you can no longer see any bare skin.

Job done.

Just spray on some cheap hairspray to hold it in place, even in the rain.

“The only downside of the Viviscal is that is doesn't naturally hold onto the natural hair, for the most part. A lot of it can easily be brushed off or can come off on your hand. However, with a shot of really strong hairspray, it will stay locked to you natural hair without worry”

Customer Review – amazon.com

Are Viviscal hair fibres safe to use?

Viviscal hair fibres are completely safe to use. They are manufactured with the exact same organically produced keratin protein that you have in your natural hair.

Each of those tiny fibres have an electrostatic patent pending coating. When you shake on the fibres they instantly bond to the shafts of any hair you have on your head.

Like a pin to a powerful magnet.

This results in creating instant volume and density in your hair. Giving the appearance of beautiful thick voluminous hair.

I won't tell anyone if you don't.

You don't have to worry about it damaging your existing hair, your scalp will still be able to breathe. \it just bonds with to give you a thicker, fuller appearance.

Viviscal Hair Fibres Reviews From Users

“I tried extentions and that worked for a while, but really, being able to see my scalp weirds me out. So I bought this cool stuff from the salon. $50 for a tiny little bottle that didn't last that long. This is virtually the same. You know you've seen the late night infomercials showing the shake on hair? Yep, this is just like that. And it works! Far less expensive than the salon version, and just as effective. Easy to use, lasts all day.”

Customer Review – amazon.com

“If Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers had existed years and years ago, I would have gladly spent my hundreds of dollars on it rather than on Toppik.”

Customer Review – amazon.com

“It lasts in your hair until you shampoo them out. Even though they are rain- and wind-proof, I've found that if I I forget that I have this on and touch my scalp, I get some brown residue on my fingers and under my nails.”

Customer Review – amazon.com

Viviscal hair fibres will be especially helpful for women. It's a cheap and viable alternative to using hair extensions to cover up your bald patches.

If you're a woman finding it difficult to imagine how the fibres work, try to imagine what it looks like when you apply mascara. Doesn't it make your eyelashes look thicker, longer, much fuller and more attractive?

Well hair fibres work a bit like mascara for your hair.

The only way to see if Vivisacal hair fibres will help you on your next night out is to give it a shot.

Please leave a comment if you've had a good (or bad) experience with Viviscal hair fibres, and if you have any advice to add.

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