How to Get Elasticity Back in Relaxed Hair

Q: I need to know how to get elasticity back in relaxed hair?

A: The honest truth is that only time and re-growth is needed to properly restore the elasticity of your hair.

However, having said this, it is important to focus on the things that have caused your problem in the first place and manage them in the meantime.

Chemical processes (such as colouration (especially fading), and permanent chemical straightening of your hair) may have cumulative effects on the elasticity of the hair.

The worst culprits are relaxing with sodium hydroxide to destroy the chemical bonds of the hair to make the hair more straight and less wavy. However, the repeated application of other chemical processes can accomplish just as much damage as this, and when you add the cumulative effects of heat styling and drying, the result can be unfortunate.

If it’s only minor damage, it can be repaired with the use of restorative products that help repair the elasticityin your hair.

It’s important, however, to note that you can only repair the appearance of hair and that true restoration will be as a result of keeping your hair as healthy as possible while damaged portions grow and cutting the ends at hairdressers Livingston.

We must remember that our hair, like our fingernails, are not living tissue, they are keratinized proteins that were created by the living tissues of the follicles in the skin and the nail matrix in the fingertips.

Due to this, repairs and restorations that offer several products are more in line to repair broken or damaged objects, than a true cure. You will not mend a broken vase, but you can repair it, so you can see what it should look like when restored.

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