Xeljanz Hair Loss Treatment For Alopecia Universalis

==>Natural Regrowth case study has 90% success

Xeljanz hair loss treatment for Alopecia Universalis is giving hope to thousands of sufferers.

The arthritis drug Xeljanz was administered to a man suffering from Alopecia Universalis. This is the worst form of Alopecia with the symptoms being complete and total baldness.

To date there has been no cure for anyone with Alopecia. Could this breakthrough change everything?

It’s caused by a some type of autoimmune dysfunction where the body attacks itself. The complete baldness isn’t limited to the hair on your head, all the hairs on your eyebrows, and eyelashes disappear as well.

It’s an unpredictable condition that can happen to anyone without warning, weather you’re male or female. And what age you are is irrelevant.

Your hair, skin and nails are all connected, so they can all be affected.

Sometimes the hair can all of a sudden just grow back, if you’re lucky. For others it doesn’t.

Well a twenty five year old man was being treated at the Yale University School of Medicine when the discovery was made.

He was being treated for a very severe form of psoriasis which causes inflammation, and scaling of the skin.

Upon examination by the medical staff, he was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. They decided to administer the drug Xelajanz not only for his skin condition, but to treat the Alopecia as well.

At the time of treatment the man had virtually no hair whatsoever.

He was prescribed the drug Xeljanz to be taken over a period of eight months. It’s a pill which he took orally.

So what was the result.

Well for his psoriasis not much improvement. The drug was considered to have made a mild improvement on his skin condition.

But remarkably his hair loss had been reversed.

The young man had completely re-grown all the hair on his head. Not only that, his eyebrows, and eyelashes had grown back. Plus all the other bodily hair that a man is supposed to have.

And on top of that the man didn’t have any side effects.

Whilst this is very encouraging  there are in fact side effects involved with the use of this drug on arthritis patients, so lots more testing will be needed.

In fact the side effects are quite serious, including raising cholesterol levels, and affecting the blood cells so that you would open to infection.

So how does Xeljanz reverse hair loss?

It does it by desensitizing your immune system, so that patients with an autoimmune dysfunction like Alopecia Universalis, where the body turns on itself and views hair as an enemy.

Now stops viewing hair as the enemy, and allows it to re-grow.

This could lead to much bigger problems though in the long term. Desensitizing your immune system would lead to all sorts of infections. And could allow things like cancer to develop without any protection.

Dr King from the Yale University is planning on helping more people with chronic autoimmune problems.

At the moment Xeljanz is taken orally as a pill. And obviously there are serious side effects with this method. But Dr King is planning to produce Xeljanz in the form of a cream.

It could then be used topically to cure hair loss.

Taking it as a cream would drastically reduce any side effects, and would focus the treatment directly at the problem.

This is great news for people suffering from autoimmune dysfunction. But if you’re suffering from male or female pattern baldness it won’t be of any help to you whatsoever.

Pattern baldness has nothing to do with your autoimmune system. But rather is mostly caused by your genetics and hormones.

There are drugs that can relieve the symptoms of male pattern baldness, but there are issues with side effects, even though approved by the FDA.

There are no side effects with natural hair restoration. A clinical test got a 90% success rate re-growing lost hair. You can read about it here.


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