Stop Hair Loss With Vitamins (Is it Possible?)

Can You Really Stop Hair Loss With Vitamins?

If you're lacking in vitamins, taking a multivitamin every day is a good idea. If you're suffering from something like alopecia, there isn't really any reliable evidence that taking vitamins on their own will stop hair loss.

Lately certain vitamins have been identified as possibly helpful in stopping hair loss, and so it would certainly do no harm to try them.

Vitamin B12 or Biotin have been talked about for a while now, But it's reckoned vitamin D might be useful as well.

The only way to know for sure if you're deficient in anything is with a blood test. But you will know what you tend to eat most, so you may well have a good idea.

So it may be possible to stop hair loss with certain vitamins, but I wouldn't rest my hopes on it too much.

There are not any documented medical studies to say that vitamin B12, or vitamin D will stop hair loss by themselves.

If you have hair loss and an itchy scalp at the same time, you will need to treat your scalp first. Having an itchy scalp is known to make hair loss worse.

If you don't leave it too late it's still treatable though.

A probable cause of your itchy scalp might be dandruff. This is easily treated with a shampoo such as Nizoral.

Using an anti hair loss shampoo like Alpecin might make your hair feel a little thicker according to some people. But overall it probably will be of little help when it comes to stopping hair loss.

Making sure you get all the right vitamins through eating properly is important over the long term.

While taking individual vitamins on their own probably won't stop your hair loss, there is now scientific evidence that shows taking a certain combination of vitamins, along with a newly discovered marine protein complex, can not only stop hair loss, but in many cases re-grow lost hair.

A medically controlled blind test showed that when treated with Har Vokse 90% of hair loss sufferers re-grew at least some of their lost hair.


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