Treatment For Female Pattern Baldness (Options That Work)

Effective Female Hair loss Treatments With Medical Backing

Why am I going bald? You ask.

Is there any treatment for female pattern baldness?

By far the most common cause of hair loss in women is androgenetic alopecia. The medical term for female and male pattern baldness.

This is usually down to genetics, but there could be other things that are accelerating your loss of hair.

Women's hair can take a battering over the years with numerous toxins in hair products, to damage from straighteners and hair dryers.

If you've been rough with combing or brushing when your hair is still wet, then you may have broken a lot of hairs, making your hair look generally thinner.

If you think that could have been you, then that's an easy fix.

If you're definitely losing hair from the roots, and when you part your hair you can see more scalp than you did before, there could be a variety of reasons for your hair loss.

If you've just had a baby, then that's perfectly normal, and it should grow back again. Taking hair growth supplements can give you a boost.

If you've not just had a baby, your body might still be low on the B vitamins, like Biotin vital for hair growth.

It could be a hormonal problem that your doctor would need to diagnose.

If you have an itchy scalp, or any skin skin conditions that might be making you lose hair.

It's widely known that there are lots of common medications that cause hair loss. Would you be surprised to know the birth control pill can cause hair loss?

Anti depressants have also been linked to hair loss.

If you've ruled everything else out, and you have the classic symptoms of female pattern baldness, where you have a general thinning over the top of your head. More predominately thinning in the middle.

Then it's more than likely to be androgenetic alopecia. You have the female version of male pattern baldness.

This tends to happen more after women go through the change.

That's because their hormones change drastically at this point. Making them become more like men as far as hair loss issues are concerned.

They produce less estrogen, and more testosterone.

Then just like with men, an enzyme called alpha 5-reductaze turns this testosterone into the dreaded dihydrotestosterone.

It's this hormone which is responsible for miniaturizing your hair follicles until they become invisible. And that's when you start to see more an more of your scalp when you part your hair.

What fda approved treatment for female pattern hair loss is there that works?

The only treatment for female pattern baldness approved by the FDA is minoxidil, which you will find in Rogaine for women.

Lots of women have managed to put the brakes on their hair loss, and even regrow some hair with it. Rogaine works by applying the foam daily onto your scalp.

It's a medicine though, and if you stop taking it you will lose all the hair that you have regrown. So once you start taking it you will need to be committed.

Natural Treatment For Female Pattern Baldness Medically Endorsed

You will struggle to find a natural treatment for female pattern baldness that has been medically endorsed.

That's because with a natural treatment there are no drugs involved. So the FDA won't get involved. The FDA require that everything is tested fully so that it won't harm you, and that it actually works.

That means strict double blind tests need to be done to prove the effectiveness of any treatments. There have been no such tests for most natural treatments for female pattern baldness.

Har Vokse on the other hand is completely natural and has been medically endorsed, and hair regrowth was achieved in 90% of the people who took part.

You can see the Har Vokse results here.


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