Minerals to Stop Hair Loss, And Where to Get Them

Why Are so Many People Buying Minerals to Stop hair Loss?

There is an increasing demand for minerals to stop hair loss.

Although the issue of hair loss has always been around, modern day living seems to be making the problem worse.

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you eating properly?

These are all things that can contribute to hair loss. On top of the that living in a polluted city will not help your hair follicles.

It's now coming to light the amount of harmful chemicals hair product manufacturers have been using in things you have been putting in your hair.

It's no wonder then that more and more people are buying minerals and vitamins to try and stop hair loss.

Your hair has around a hundred thousand individual hairs, and every month they grow about half an inch. There are 3 layers in each hair shaft, but the only part visible to the public is the cuticle. His is the outer layer of your hair shaft.

The scales on your cuticle lay smoothly and reflect the sunlight when your hair is well fed. This makes your hair look vibrant, thick and shiny.

But when you are depleted of the right minerals and vitamins, these scales move apart taking away the smooth reflective beauty, and making your hair look dull, dry and lifeless.

Your then also more likely to experience breakage. Making your hair look thinner with less body.

So here are the vitamins and minerals your hair needs...

You're body can't make this stuff on it's own. You need to eat properly for your hair to receive these vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin A stops your hair from getting those free radicals that are known to accelerate the ageing process. It stops your hair from looking all dried out, and old.

Be careful though. If you take too much vitamin A it can actually cause hair loss. You will find vitamin A in good foods that promote hair growth like broccoli, carrots, and things like liver.

The B vitamins will help to calm your nerves, and nourish your hair. Roast turkey will give you B vitamins.

So will the roasted an mashed potatoes you can enjoy with it. Or if you prefer a baked potato with with tuna, that's just as good

Have a nice banana to enjoy even more B vitamins to nourish your hair.

Biotin is the latest buzz word for stopping hair loss. The cells in your hair need it for growth. Recipes that include legumes, or fish will give you Biotin. So will bread and beans.

If you're lacking in vitamin C, you'll probably find yourself catching colds all the time. Your hair won't be looking too healthy either.

Citrus fruits have tons for healthy hair growth.

Your hair needs Vitamin E. Snack on some nuts, and get a helping of corn or asparagus for vitamin E.

Folic acid is essential to stop hair loss. Find it in lettuce, spinach, and a full variety of vegetables, and fruits.

Minerals to stop hair loss include...

Copper. Get copper naturally in squid, and lobster. Or do you like oysters? You can get copper from tasty nuts like pistachios, or almonds. Or how about some chocolates?

If you don't have enough iron, your hair will get brittle and weak. Include a little red meat in your diet along with chicken, fish, and green vegetables.

A lack of iodine affects the texture of your hair, and can lead to hair loss. Your fish restaurant is a good source of iodine to stop hair loss.

Zinc is needed for the cell production in your hair. Any meats will give you it. As will a variety of nuts, and seeds.

Not enough Selenium has been linked to hair loss. You'll get it from regular meat, and seafood.

Silica has been said to help blood flow and promote hair growth. It can be got from horse tail extract. Leafy greens and grains.

If you're taking supplements though, be warned too much Silica is dangerous.

So which minerals to stop hair loss do you need?

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