Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Review – Does Saw Palmetto Work For Hair Loss

You've read Saw Palmetto can help Hair Loss... But is it Fact or Fiction? I found out...

Saw palmetto hair loss practices began many years ago in native America. But does saw palmetto work for hair loss today?

Well today it has become an established treatment for people that are suffering from problems with their prostate.

In fact in many parts of the world it is looked on as a reliable herbal remedy.

What about a cure for hair loss?

Well there have been no properly carried out clinical tests to prove that saw palmetto can indeed stop hair loss, or indeed help with regrowing your hair.

To date there have only ever been very small laboratory tests that suggest saw palmetto may be helpful with blocking DHT, the main cause of male and female pattern baldness.Only one such test has actually been documented.

It included a very small group men,10 in total, with either mild or moderate hair loss.The test showed positive results.

Saw palmetto was included among'st the botanical substances used to stop the enzyme alpaha 5-reductase from converting testosterone into dihidrotestosterone (DHT)

The result was that 6 out of the men that took the test...

were rated as improved at the final visit.”

Saw Palmetto Side Effects – Hair Loss Side Effects With Saw Palmetto Capsules

The downside is there are saw palmetto side effects. 

Hair loss side effects from using saw palmetto include stomach pains, along with diarrhoea and constipation.

Not very nice. But it gets worse.

You might also experience feeling sick and vomiting. 

Having a foul breath has also been reported as a side effect of taking saw palmetto.

And if that frightens you, there's more.

Although these reports are a lot less common, you should also know about the problems with having an inflamed liver. Also trouble with the pancreas, turning jaundice, feeling dizzy, having headaches. Depression is included as well.

Insomnia has been reported with saw palmetto, and so has not being able to breathe properly.

It's also been associated with having sore muscles, causing you to develop high blood pressure, and getting chest pains.

There has even been heart abnormalities, problems with blood clots and things. Of course these reports may have come from patients that are on other medications as well.

Remember Saw palmetto isn't just taken for hair loss, it's commonly used to treat prostate problems. So you don't know what else has been wrong with those patients that also happen to be taking saw palmetto.

It may not actually be the saw palmetto that's directly causing the problem.

Saw palmetto though has actually been associated directly with severe bleeding. So if you're taking anything that thins the blood, like a common aspirin for example you might want to be careful.

At this time of writing there remain two medications approved by the FDA and reliable for stabilising continued hair loss, and those are Propecia (Finasteride), and Minoxidil (the stuff that's in Regaine)

Free Online Hair loss Consultation With a Registered Doctor 

You need to be careful when you're buying medications online.

Yes you can save money, your local pharmacy has high expenses, that's why more and more people shop online nowadays. But you need to make sure you're dealing with a reputable company.

Nowadays there is no need to visit your local doctor to discuss your problem with hair loss. You can get a free online hair loss consultation with a doctor specializing in hair loss.

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