Hair Falling Out – Why is My Hair Falling Out is it Stress?

What to do if Your Hair's Falling Out Suddenly When You've Been Stressed

Why is my hair falling out? Could it be stress related?

When most folk think of problems with stress, they tend to think of stress related illnesses that can show up on your body.

Spots, rashes, tiredness, illness.

The last thing they think of is their hair falling out.

Stress can really give your body a pounding.

That's not to say that all stress is bad for you. A little stress in your life is actually good for you. It keeps you on your toes, and makes sure you don't miss that appointment.

In fact some people produce their best work when under pressure. Your body can actually deal with quite a lot of stress before it becomes a problem.

You can be stressed and happy.

Why Does Your Hair Fall Out Because of Stress?

But when you have to deal with a lot of anxious and troublesome stress, it can affect you physically and your hair falling out can be one of the symptoms.

In fact stress is often blamed directly for hair falling out. But why does your hair fall out along with it?

The medical term for this condition is Telogen Effluvium. It's when you've had very severe, or traumatic stress. What happens is, that this type of stress interferes with you hair's growing cycle.

You hair follicles are forced before they're ready into what's called the resting phase, where your hair stops growing, and either falls out, or is pushed out by the next generation in the cycle.

The result is a sudden thinning of your hair.

As if you weren't stressed enough!

The hair falling out tends to happen a few months after you have experienced the trauma. It's perfectly normal to have around a hundred hairs falling out everyday, that's just part of the growth cycle.

But with this condition you can have a lot more fall out on you. The good news is it normally sorts itself out once your stressful situation is put into the past. The growth cycle just continues. Although there could be a problem if you're under continued extreme stress.

How to Stop Hair From Falling Out After You've Been Stressed

Is there a natural way to stop hair falling out from stress? Here's how to stop hair from falling out after you've had a stressful or traumatic time in your life.

You don't actually have to do anything to your hair to stop it falling out. What you can do is turn that bad stress into good feel good, chilled and relaxed!

So how do you turn hair falling bad stress into making your body feel good, chilled and relaxed?


You give your body some drugs.

No not drugs from the pharmacy, body natural drugs that you body has available, and you can access them immediately.

Here's how to get access.

Give your body a work out. Inside your body there is a little hormone called adrenaline.

When you don't do any exercise, you're body will build up too much of this hormone. And it can make you feel stressed.

A sudden adrenaline rush in the form of stress can make your hair fall out.

Whereas when you work out it gets released naturally into your body making you feel happy, and after you've finished your work out, you'll feel happy, relaxed, and totally chilled out.

On top of that, because the adrenaline has now been reduced in your body, it won't be able to make you feel stressed.


How to Keep Hair From Falling Out in The Future

Hair fall back to normal.

If you keep doing this on a regular basis your stressful life won't feel so bad. And you'll find that you're appearance in general will improve because now your a lot healthier.

You probably know about this waking up the next day thing, but everything always feel amazingly better after a good sleep no matter how stressed you felt the day before.

The key to relaxing is by breathing deeply, and slowly. This is nothing new it's simple to do.

As long as you're in a place where you feel safe and peaceful, you can either sit or lay down and just meditate breathing deeply and slowly.

It's very difficult to think of two things at once so meditate only on things that make you feel happy.

You can meditate any time throughout the day, if you've had a stressful morning, taking twenty minutes out of you lunch break to just relax and meditate will recharge your batteries.

Keeping your body calm will stop any adrenaline converting into stress and stop your hair from falling out.

Diet For Hair Loss After Stress

You need a good diet for hair loss. You need plenty of proteins for hair growth. Minerals and vitamins aren't just good for your body, your hair need them too.

Eat all your greens and you'll get your b vitamins which will really help your stress levels and your nervous system in general.

I know it's not easy, but try to cut out sugar, or at the very least cut it right down. Sugar has zero health benefits and will only make you feel stressed when your cravings kick in. And sugar does not help hair loss problems.

So to recap, working out, relaxing and getting a good sleep, and eating well.

All of these will help to stop hair falling out from stress.

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