Is Dutasteride Better Than Finasteride For Hair Loss? (Significant)

The Reason Why Dutasteride is Much More Powerful Than Finasteride

Is Dutasteride better than Finasteride?

According to a government website comparison of clinical trials it states…

“Dutasteride therapy reduces serum DHT significantly more than does Finasteride.”

The reason is as follows.

Both Dutasteride, and Finasteride are very similar in that they both block 5 a-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT.

But there is a significant difference. There are actually 2 forms of the enzyme 5 a-reductase. There is Type 1, but then there is also a Type 2.

What happens is, Finasteride only blocks Type 2 from converting testosterone into DHT. Whereas Dutasteride blocks both. 

This is pretty significant.

So why bother with Finasteride when Dutasteride appears to be much more effective for hair loss?

Well the fact of the matter is that Finasteride works for so many people. It makes perfect sense to start your treatment with Finasteride. 

There is certainly plenty of information abounding on the effectiveness and possible risks involved. It’s considered low risk because it works for so many, and cases of side effects are few in comparison.

Since Finasteride is so well known, it appears to be a safer bet. There is a lack of long term clinical trials on the other hand with Dutasteride.

Dutasteride Side Effects

Again quoting from the government website…

“There does not appear to be any clinically significant difference between the adverse event profile of Futasteride and Finasteride.”

So the possible side effects are very similar, since both drugs have a very similar effect on the body. But as I say, there no long term clinical trials like there are with Finasteride.

If you try Finasteride first and find you have no problems, then the chances are you’ll be ok with Dutasteride. Of course you should always consult your medical doctor in all cases.

Once your happy that Finasteride is not having a bad effect on you, but you’re still not happy with your hair loss, then you might decide to give the more powerful Dutasteride a go.

Warning: Women of child bearing age cannot use either hair loss treatments. Nor even touch the broken powder of both Finasteride nor Dutasteride. They both harm pregnancy.

Once you have a legal prescription, you can get free shipping and the cheapest supply here for Finasteride and Dutasteride.


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