Is an Itchy Scalp a Sign of Hair Loss or is it Just Dry Skin?

What You Need to do if Your Itchy Scalp is Causing Hair Loss

It’s a scary question. Is an itchy scalp a sign of hair loss?

Yes indeed an itchy scalp could very well be a sign of hair loss. If you’re experiencing any hair loss along with an itchy scalp, then your scalp condition will only worsen your hair loss.

The only way you can get a proper diagnosis would be to make an appointment with a Trichologist.

What can a Trichologist do?

A Trichologist is actually a hair stylist. But a hair stylist with a difference. They are able to make a professional assessment of your hair and scalp to identify if there are any problems with your hair, or skin. They are experts in hair loss, and all baldness related problems.

When you visit a Trichologist you will be asked many questions, so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. If you don’t answer these questions truthfully, it may skew your results.

What type of questions does a Trichologist ask?

You will be asked questions about your life style, and more. That’s why you need to give truthful answers. If you say you live a healthy lifestyle, when you clearly don’t, it will result in a miss diagnosis.

You’ll also be asked things about your family history, if you have any bald people in the family, and how they’re related to you.

Are you taking any medication? Did you know that some medications actually promote hair loss. You’ll also be asked if you’re allergic to anything.

Failed relationships, can lead to extreme stress. So a Trichologist will be interested in how stressed out, or relaxed you are.

You will be asked  about what products you use in your hair. And if you use any electrical appliances like straighteners.

Then an examination of your hair and scalp will take place. If anything is found further analysis will be needed.

A Trichologist is not only able to diagnose hair loss, they are able to treat the very scalp conditions that lead to hair loss.

A Trichologist is not a medical doctor, so they may ask you to visit your own doctor to get a blood test and things. This will also identify any possible illnesses not  yet found.

So a Trichologist will be able to give you the most positive answer to your question is an itchy scalp a sign of hair loss, or is it just dry skin?

How to stop further hair loss and thicken hair

That’s great if you can afford it. The trouble is visiting a Trichologist can be pretty expensive. You can save yourself the trouble of being asked a lot of questions, by changing to a healthy lifestyle. Eating foods that help to make your hair grow.

And treating your itchy scalp with Har Vokse spray will soothe the inflammation that causes hair loss. You will feel instant relief.

The only FDA approved drugs available that are used successfully to grow fresh new hair are Minoxidil, and Propecia. Men and women can use Minoxidil which is applied externally to the hair.

Only men can use Propecia (Finasteride) which comes in pill form. You will need a prescription from your doctor. It’s expensive. But you can save a lot of money buying it in generic form.


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