How to Make Hair Grow - What to do About Female Hair Loss

3 Normal Things Women Have That Causes Hair Loss

If you’re a woman worried about hair loss, and need to know how to make hair grow read on…

First of all your lucky!

Unlike male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness rarely goes as far as complete baldness of the scalp. If you’re genetics have given you pattern baldness you’re unlikely to recede at the front the way men do, and your unlikely to develop a large bald patch at the crown.

You’re more likely to notice a general thinning in the middle right across the surface of your scalp.

It’s a cause for concern when it thins enough for the scalp to be clearly seen. If that’s the case you will want to take immediate action to halt any further loss, and look at your options.

The drugs Propecia and Monixidil are officially approved by the FDA to treat hair loss, but due to the risk of harming a baby Propecia is not suitable for women.

In fact even touching the powder from a crumbled pill is to be avoided.

Monixidil can be found in products that spray onto your hair, and is not consumed to treat hair loss.

For a zero percent risk Har Vokse hair loss treatment is an all natural alternative, where you take supplements combined with a soothing treatment spray for maximum growth stimulation.

#1 Does hair colouring cause hair loss?

Are you aggravating your hair loss and making it worse? Colouring your hair is actually quite a dangerous and lethal process for your hair.

That’s why hairdressers in Livingston are careful to ask questions about your hair. Because the chemicals in the colouring can be so damaging, and can actually result in hair loss.

When done properly colouring almost always will not cause any hair loss, but if you don’t know what you’re doing the chances of hair loss are greatly increased.

For example if you were to bleach your hair at home, then put some colour in it, and were maybe not satisfied with the result. You might then proceed to a local hairdressers where they might be unaware what you have done.

They might bleach your hair yet again, and perhaps use a chemical that is far too strong. This could easily result in needless hair loss.

On the other hand a good hairdresser for thinning hair will know how to cut your hair in a way that’s flattering and gentle on your hair.

Protein and conditioning treatments will help to support your hair loss program. And be careful not to damage your hair with heated appliances.

#2 Does stress cause hair loss in women?

Traumatic stress has been known to cause hair loss in women, where you can suddenly develop Alopecia areata or spots of hair loss. By taking the stress away though the hair loss problem usually goes away with it. Make sure you get plenty of healthy exercise and drink lots of water so that you will sleep better at tonight, every thing will feel better in the morning.

#3 Do medications cause hair loss?

Lots of medications are known to cause hair loss, not just chemotherapy, drugs like antidepressants and the birth control pill are well known to cause hair loss.

You can limit the damage by taking Har Vokse, the natural anti hair loss supplements. The advantages of taking natural treatments are that you don’t need a prescription, and you won’t get any side effects.


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