How to Make Hair Grow - Stop Taking Hair Loss Treatments That Don’t Work

"Why Waste Your Money on Supposed Hair Loss Treatments?"

There are tons of hair loss products out there, that claim to show you how to make hair grow, but are here today, and then gone tomorrow.

Why waste your money on them?

Does the product you’re considering buying have a track record? Is it endorsed by a medical professional?

Know the facts before you make a decision.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, and are confused by all the misinformation out there, here are the facts.

Hair transplant surgery has become such an effective, and painless way to restore your hair, that it’s almost like going to the dentist.

You do have to be careful though, and make sure they come highly recommended.

Whilst going to the dentist is pretty affordable, transplant surgery is still expensive. So what other options are there?

There are pharmaceutical safe drugs available that have helped millions of people turn there lives around, from losing their hair to restoring it.

Propecia is the biggest player in the market. It’s been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective drug for hair growth, with minimal possible side effects.

The downside with natural hair growth remedies is that it may take some considerable time to start producing new growth.

Using Propecia (Finasteride) however speeds up the process, with the drug kicking in, in as little as five days. Imagine the relief you will feel as your hair no longer drains away in the shower.

And as new hairs start to grow in, making it look and feel noticeably thicker. If you haven’t lost too much yet Propecia  (Finasteride) is a perfect solution. It’s DHT inhibiting power is the secret behind it. (The hormone that causes pattern baldness in men and women)

The problem is that to keep all your new hair you will need to keep taking it for life. And that makes it work out pretty expensive. You can get around this, and save a lot of money buying the drug in it’s generic form.

The only other drug approved by the FDA for hair loss is Minoxidil. It’s applied in spray form to the outside of your hair, again tackling any DHT that may have become secreted in your hair follicles.

An alternative drug free one that works in a similar dual fashion, is Har Vokse, a medically endorsed product with a track record.

Maintaining a good diet with foods that contain vitamin b5 will help. You also want plenty of folic acid, with good amounts of silica, and biotin.

Natural vitamin and mineral hair growth supplements will not only help with hair growth, you’ll notice your skin and nails looking healthier as well.

So instead of wasting money on “how to make hair grow” remedies that don’t work, you now know what does work, and you can even steal money from the pharmaceutical company’s by buying Propecia (Finasteride) cheap in it’s generic form.


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