How to Make Hair Grow - A Hair Growth Diet You Can Enjoy

"Delicious Food That Builds New Hair Cells"

How to make hair grow from the inside.

1: Do you enjoy roast chicken? It’s good for hair growth, because your hair needs protein to grow. Here’s how it works.

The protein in your delicious chicken is made of amino acids. These are needed to build new cells for hair growth.

If you don’t get enough protein over a lengthy period of time, then your hair will be forced into the final phase of hair growth. Where it stops growing, and just sits in your scalp waiting for fresh growth to push it out.

You can enjoy a variety of delicious foods that are packed with hair growing protein. Lean meats like turkey are perfect. Fish is amazing too. Nuts, seeds, and soy are all good. You’ve also got dairy produce, and eggs on your shopping list.

2: Carbohydrates help hair to grow, you need vitamin b to grow your hair. And you will find lots of it in healthy carbs.

Carbs like the flesh of healthy fruits and vegetables. If you enjoy whole grain breads, a dollop of brown rice, and meals with potatoes, then your good to go.

Avoid refined carbohydrates, like white bread, and pasta, and white rice, they won’t help you to grow more hair, just more body fat!

3: You do need a certain amount of healthy fats though to grow your hair. If your diet is mainly lean meat, and vegetable based, and eat fish that’s high in omega 3, you’ll have more than enough fats for hair growth. These fats give your hair the energy to grow.

4: You don’t need to eat everything. Just choose the foods you enjoy, and you will be able to stick with your hair growth diet. Hair growth foods work over the long term, it takes time for your hair to grow, so there is no quick fix diet for hair growth.

If you must eat junk food, try gradually start replacing it with a healthy option. Junk food will do nothing to promote hair growth.

Avoid overcooking your food. The more you cook your food, the more hair growing nutrients you will see in the colour as you drain off the water.

5: As you get older, your bodies ability to send vitamins and nutrients to feed your hair gets less and less. So you might want to take Har Vokse  hair growth supplements to give your hair a boost.

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