How to Make Hair Grow - 3 Silent Things That Sabotage Your Hair

Is This You?

How to make hair grow.

Now you can stop worrying about things you think are sabotaging your hair (When they’re not) and concentrate on the things that REALLY are!

Stop worrying about old wives tales like too much hat wearing will suffocate your hair and make it fall out.

Modern researchers now know there are only 3 things that literally sabotage your hair, and that’s Stress, followed by Health and the biggest of all Hormones.

So how does stress make your hair fall out?

Well there are two types of stress, good stress and bad stress. A little healthy stress is actually good for you, and will keep you on your toes, make sure you get things done, and keep you alert, and out of danger.

But it’s the bad stress that can make your hair fall out.

The type of stress we’re talking about here is the intense stress you feel if you’ve just broken up with someone, or your in an abusive marriage type of stress.

Would you agree that such an emotional problem in your life should take priority over everything? The built in healing system in your body does exactly that.

The reason your hair will stop production and begin to fall out is because your body puts it on hold while priority is given to your emotions.

With natural shedding and no production you are inevitably going to lose some hair if your situation continues.

What about health?

As with a painful  stressful situation, if your health is low priority will be given to the healing process, and hair production will come last.

Any fault or damage in your blood vessels will restrict your bodies ability to feed nutrients to your hair. That’s why people with heart disease have a higher risk of hair loss, as are diabetics.

But by far the biggest killer of your crowning glory: Hormones!

A natural enzyme in your body called 5-alpha reductase reacts with your testosterone which in turn creates the hybrid killer Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

DHT is much more powerful than testosterone. It causes your hair to go into the resting phase, or the final phase of the hair cycle.

When the majority, or a lot of your hair is in this final position, it can only fall out. Resulting in noticeable thinning.

The good news is this can all be balanced out with modern medication. The meds attack DHT bringing your follicles out of the final phase and restore your hair back into the normal growth cycle.

You will need to visit your doctor and get a prescription for Propecia (Finasteride)

To maintain constant hair growth you’ll need to keep taking it forever, or as long as you want to keep your hair. You can make considerable savings buying the drug pure in it’s generic form.

Now that you know the 3 main things that cause hair loss, you're much closer to getting the help you need to know how to make hair grow. Your hair loss is treatable with medication, and now there are even medically endorsed natural alternatives like Har Vokse.

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