How Can I Make my Hair Grow Faster And Longer With Treatments?

If you’re asking how can I make my hair grow faster and longer, then you may be suffering from excessive hair loss.

There are lots of things that can make you lose too much hair. If you’re on medication for something, you need to be aware that lots of medications cause hair loss.

Chemotherapy treatment is not the only one that make you lose hair. Less obvious medications like the birth control pill, and anti depressants have all been linked to hair loss.

Even if you take natural vitamins and supplements you still need to be careful. For example overdosing on vitamin A can result in hair loss.

If you’re not doing any of the above then this is probably why you’re hair is thinning…

Too many of your hair follicles are entering into the final phase of the hair growth cycle. What does that mean?

It means that all of your hair follicles move away from your scalp in 3 phases. Generally all of your hair grows continuously, and most of your hair should be in the first phase. That means your follicles are not leaving your scalp any time soon.

Healthy hair continues to grow in the first phase for between two to eight years.

The cells at the root of your follicles separate which makes your hair grow longer. Then it goes into a second phase, where the exact length of your hair is decided.

Then your hair goes into a final phase where it doesn’t do anything, it just sits rooted to your scalp. And as the natural process continues, new hair growth pushes out any hair follicles that are in this final stage.

Which brings us back to the problem.

If too many of your hair follicles are in this final phase then your hair will get noticeably thinner and thinner, until your hair disappears altogether.

Why does this happen, and what can I do about it?

The process known as male or female pattern baldness is caused by the over production of the DHT hormone. This weakens your follicles and forces them prematurely into the final phase. Your hair gets thinner and shorter until production stops altogether.

So what can you do about it short of surgery?

Well the only drugs approved by the FDA are Monoxidil, and Propecia. Monoxidil is applied to the head externally to attack any DHT that may on the outside.

And Propecia is taken orally in pill form. It’s used world wide by men to stop DHT and stimulate growth. Propecia is harmful to pregnancy, so it’s only suitable for men.

What most of these men don’t realise is they could save a lot of money by buying the drug in it’s generic form.

What they are actually getting is a drug called Finasteride, just marketed in a fancy package. You can get exactly the same thing by visiting the cheapest Legal Pharmacy on the internet.

Of course as with all drugs including pain killers, there is a risk of side effects. Finasteride is considered very low risk as it affects less than 2% of patients.

If you want to reduce that to 0% risk then Har Vokse although a little expensive is a completely natural treatment.

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