Follica Baldness Cure - Is Follica Going to Cure Baldness Forever?

The Latest Discovery in Stem Cell Technology

Follica baldness cure - Modern baldness cures can be as simple as taking multivitamins or as complex as hair transplant surgery.

But this latest medical breakthrough has grabbed the attention of even the most sceptical hair loss sufferers.

Follica News

Latest Follica news - According to The Scientist, The American based Follica claim to have discovered a very realistic cure for baldness.

They have done clinical trials on mice and discovered a hair protein that can regenerate hair on mice even when the skin has been damaged.

Apparently modern stem cell technology is capable of producing the same effect on people.

Follica’s Dr William Ju has stated…

"This discovery sheds light on a novel mechanism to regenerate hair follicles and opens an exciting new avenue to develop treatments for hair loss in humans. Follica has developed a technology platform that is uniquely suited to support clinical translation of these new findings."

How does the Follica cure work?

The surgical procedure involves peeling layers of skin on the scalp, where the follicle stem cells are treated with a solution containing the active ingredients. Using the same formula that ignites hair growth in mice. Even with damaged skin.

This is encouraging news for the millions of people all over the world suffering from hair loss and baldness. It could be a very real alternative to hair transplant surgery, where hair follicles have to be relocated from areas on the scalp that produce a thick growth over to the more thinning areas.

The biggest enemy to your hair is the hormone DHT, and is responsible for the vast majority of baldness in humans. It attacks your hair by slowly (or rapidly in some cases) shrinking your hair follicles, until they disappear altogether.

Of course the Follica baldness cure is still at the development stage but it certainly looks promising, and I would certainly keep an eye on Follica over the coming years.

Treatment For Hair Loss - Hair Loss Drugs That Work

Modern hair loss drugs treatment for hair loss can be taken on there own to stop hair loss and stimulate fresh growth, and they are often prescribed with hair transplant surgery to reinforce the procedure. Halting any further hair loss to the thinning area that’s already been treated.

You need still need to look after your health if you want to encourage your body to produce thick shiny hair, and eat foods that are good for growth.

If the Follica baldness cure still sounds scary to you, and you don’t like the idea of taking any drugs, even ones that are considered safe by the FDA. Then Har Vokse anti hair loss supplements combined with the active treatment spray are all natural and completely drug free.

It’s perfectly safe for both men and women, and you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

At the moment, the only approved drugs that stop further hair loss by blocking this DHT hormone are Propecia (Finasteride) for men only, and any products containing the drug Monixidil which is approved by the FDA for men and women.


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