Hairdressers in Livingston - Buy Har Vokse Hair Growth And Put Volume in Your Hair

Now you can buy Har Vokse hair growth treatment and save money.

If you feel your lack of volume is down to hair loss buying the Har Vokse hair growth treatment will give you back your attractiveness.

Are you sick of your hair looking limp at hairdressers Livingston? Want to add extra volume to your hair, to provide ease and movement that allows you to wear your hair in a spectacular way? Well now you can! You can sport a full bodied mane that will enhance your sensual side. With no fear of  brushing!

Hairdressers Livingston’s step by step guide to put volume in your hair:

If you want full bodied hair with lots of volume and movement, but in a natural way. We teach you step by step how to get a hair with lots of volume, especially for girls with very smooth and fine hair. You’ll be amazed at the result!

- First, wash your hair when wet, apply a moderate amount (about the size of a tangerine) for Studio Line texturizing foam Volum'Max binding.

Apply with your hands or a comb, for all your damp hair from root to tip. Stress on the top, which is where the volume disappears first. Then comb to distribute the product well.

- Then proceed to dry your hair with the dryer, but with the head upside down to take the maximum volume and giving warmth, especially in the root.

- Once your hair is almost dry, give it a roller brush and dryer, this helps you see shaping in your locks. Do not forget to always heat from root to tip, because if you do it the other way around, you will not get the desired volume and shape.

- Roll each strand to dry them and try to hold it with a roller or tweezers to continue keeping the slightly wavy hair while it cools.

- When you have all your locks dry and perfectly curled, apply a lot of Elnett hairspray all over your head, to set the style perfectly.

- Then release all curlers or tongs and, using your hands, massage your hair slightly. Then finish combing your hair with a wide brush and to give uniformity to your mane.

- As a final touch, continue to shape your hair using fingers and especially affecting the root and apply spray again for full bodied volume to remain longer.

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