Hairdressers in Livingston - Taking Care of Your Hair During Pregnancy

Taking care of your hair during pregnancy is important at hairdressers in Livingston.

With regard to your hair, the more likely it is that while, before your  pregnancy it was really healthy, but during  pregnancy it becomes brittle and falls out more easily. This is normal and occurs due to hormonal changes.

Being pregnant is no reason to neglect your appearance, on the contrary this is a stage where a woman looks much more beautiful than she imagined.

To come back to look like before, you just have to take some precautions.

So taking care of your hair during pregnancy.

In some women there are increases sebum so the hair becomes more oily. To solve this problem, you just have to wash it more often and use a neutral pH shampoo and either do not use, or use very little in conditioners or rinses.

Do not abuse the dryers or irons during pregnancy because they dry out too much.

Both permanent hair dye should only be performed if you will at the tips of the hair, because that way there will be no contact with the scalp. It is not clear whether the dyes, permanent discoloration are harmful to the baby, so it is not recommended to use them during pregnancy.

Conducting a head massage relaxes and allows your scalp is more hydrated. Good nutrition helps too, with a good diet rich in vitamins and proteins.

When you‘re getting a head massage. Natural masks are a very good option at this stage.

This completes the article taking care of your hair during pregnancy. Find more information related to looking after your hair at hairdressers Livingston.

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