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What has happened to the silkiness and shine of your hair? 5 tips revealed to get that perfect hair.

Whether you like it or not, winter plays havoc with your hair. Long or short, with or without bangs, straight, curly or wavy. No hair type is exempt from the attacks of the enemy winter.

The cold, wind, temperature changes and even heating are a threat to your hair. It can get weak and become brittle and hence lose your hair texture volume and curl. Gone is it’s natural freedom to uncomfortable static electricity.

But did you know there are ways to fight these enemies of your hair? Here are five simple keys that not only invite a  makeover, but will also have you boasting a mane looking much healthier.


A good cut is essential. With a high quality cut you’ll get back your hair texture, and volume. Don’t let your hair go for months exposed to the elements without a fresh cut, perfectly sculptured to suit your features at hairdressers in Livingston Centre.


To combat the aftermath of the cold it’s important to nourish your hair thoroughly. So how do you avoid that rough, dried out look, and have your hair looking healthy, with a vibrant shine? Top quality masks and conditioners are your allies.

Dryer, iron, curling...

Caution: If you’re quite an expert with curling irons and you can not live without them, remember all of them penalize your hair and dry it out from the intense heat. with heat effect. It is therefore essential to use thermal protectors.

Brushes and combs under control!

Although you may not have noticed, the use of unsuitable brushes can cause that annoying static electricity. We suggest a priming softener,  using hair spray and spray the hair after styling. But if your hair is unruly you can still have your hair remain intact all day with a vaporizing comb, and then combing your hair with a spray fixative.

Your dryer:

Don‘t have your drier too hot, or hold it too close.  It’s important to have a dryer with an intensity control air and heat regulator. To avoid frizz it’s important to have the settings at a low intensity warm air. It may take a little longer, but your hair will love you for it at hairdressers Livingston Centre.

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