Can Hairdressers Get Black Hair to Blonde? Livingston

Livingston Question: Can hairdressers get black hair to blonde?

Short answer: Absolutely!

Getting your black hair to go blonde can have both advantages and disadvantages. Many women desire to have blonde hair because it can have a youthful sensuality, and mystery.

But also can convey a cold, vulgar and unintelligent side... Since the older blonde, a mummy of the year 1,800 BC to Marilyn Monroe, in the 50s, or Madonna in the 90s, blonde hair continues to seduce men and women.

The blonde hair colour has been successful in the last half of the twentieth century's most glamorous actresses, sophisticated models and partners of men envied as the richest and most interesting.

Black hair to blonde fact: One third of the American and European population having  this colour stain can not be wrong.

The reason so many people want to pretend their black hair is blonde is not to be found in any manual written by Freud.

Blonde hair is a scarce hair tone that few people have from birth. Also it gives the individual who wears it the ability to highlight, and to get attention. The result? Golden blonde is the colour that makes us shine.

For years women have been getting their dark hair to go blonde thanks to the appearance of on screen stars like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, stars of comedies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Howard Hawks ( 1953) - the peroxide was considered a sexual invitation. way, up to the late twentieth of platinum and its flag became the colour of those who trust in themselves and are not afraid to break with convention.

Today, typing the word blonde in any of the Internet search engines, the first link you will find is pictures of hot blondes. This colour has connotations with young, virgin and divine from the beginning of time, and was in the twentieth century when, thanks to the movies, was immortalized blonde sensual strength in all registers.

Imported from northern Europe, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo in the '30s embodied the prototype of cold blonde, unattainable, divine,  a blonde by whom every man would be willing to die.

At the same time, the American actress Jean Harlow consecrated the aphrodisiac power of peroxide in sexual nuance with films like Dinner at Eight (I933), directed by George Cukor. We will never know if his success was due to manners unwrapped watching on screen, his excessive makeup or the average American blond hair suit.

The fact is that after it, 80% of the pin-ups and calendar girls were blondes. But before and after it marked a golden sensuality brunette model, Norma Jean, to dye his agency recommended blonde ... Marilyn Monroe was born, the blonde capitalized.

With so many women getting their black hair to go blonde, it looks like the lushes blonde look is here to stay.

But as you’ll probably have heard many horror stories, getting your black hair to blonde is not an easy transformation.

Don’t try it on your own, get a professional hairdresser in Livingston.

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