Hairdressers Livingston - What Hair Colour Suits Olive Skin And Brown Eyes? (Your Choices)

Play Around With The Drama Your Dark Eyes Are Capable of...

Here are your choices for what hair colour suits olive skin and brown eyes by hairdressers Livingston Hair by Sarah…

With olive-coloured skin and dark eyes, you have a natural exotic look that other women would kill for.

You can make improvements on it or deepen your natural colour highlighting, but be careful if you’re tempted to be radical with a bottle of bleach. The blond can be sexy, but only if it looks good on you. Sensual tones that complement your natural colour are more attractive.

Golden Girl

Women with olive coloured skin have golden undertones in their skin. You probably noticed that blouses in shades of gold, rust and roasted orange enliven your face.

The warm colours of hair will reflect your skin tone and interact with natural shadows on the face, which will give you more depth and dynamism to your features.

Dark colours will look best on you and it is recommended that you play with the drama of your dark eyes, but make sure you stay away from ash tones, which have a bluish or violet background, that will only make your hair and your eyes look like a pair of mismatched socks.

The natural reality

Even if you do not like your natural hair colour, you must accept that Mother Nature knows a lot more than you realize.

Women with olive skin and dark eyes tend to have dark hair for a reason: that is what best suits them.

You can enhance your natural colour a few shades lighter or darker, but if you go too far, it will appear that the cosmetologist film director was angry and used a form of revenge. A good rule of thumb is to look for a colour that is just slightly darker than your skin tone.


If you want drama, Glitters are a good choice, but do not use the blonde tones unless you want to look like a skunk.

Try copper colours, reddish or cinnamon instead. These echo the olive skin tones and make your dark eyes stand out, plus it will mix more easily with darker shades you choose for your basic colour. The brightness should be subtle variations in the same colour family.

The choice of red hair

Red hair projects a "Hey, look at me" in your image, but red hair dyes can be risky and high maintenance. If you go this route, choose a darker shade on the side of the spectrum, and on the warm side of the table to complement your olive skin.

Mahogany or auburn can work if your skin is clear enough to use. The red dyes will find it difficult to penetrate your hair shafts and often fade more easily, so you will have to dye your hair more often and protect from discoloration by covering your head in the sun.

Remember colouring can damage your hair. If you feel you've been losing too much hair, here is where to buy Har Vokse, the revolutionary hair re-growth system. For ultimate peace of mind, make an appointment at your reliable hairdressers in Livingston.

photo credit: LyndaSanchez


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