Hairdressers Livingston - How to Avoid Burning Hair With Straightener

A common problem seen at hairdressers Livingston is hair that’s been damaged by burning with a straightener.

So here’s  how to avoid burning your hair with a straightener…

If you have curly or wavy hair and want to quickly change the look, there is no better way than to use a plate to smooth it out. However, if used too often or incorrectly, you can end up with damaged, or even burned hair!

If you’re concerned about losing the health and beauty to your hair through burning with a straightener read on.

With so many girls burning their hair with a straightener, and causing needless split ends, and more damage, this doesn’t have to happen to you.

Here are some top tips for using a straightener without burning your hair:

Every time you use a straightener on your hair it is inevitable that it will get a little bit damaged. To limit this damage, it is important to routinely use a protective serum letting it act on the hair for at least half an hour. That way, your hair will be protected against the use of the straightener.

Do not use your straightener every day. It is best to let a couple of days go by between smoothing and straightening to allow your hair to recover. There are more natural ways to straighten your hair, why not give them a try? Women have been straightening there hair long before the electric straighteners were invented.

Choose a straightener were you can adjust the temperature and time of use, select the lowest possible temperature that allows you to straighten your hair. No matter what the situation, or how straight you want your hair to look,  you should never use the straighteners at a temperature above 200 degrees, otherwise your hair will be burned.

When you go to use your straightener, it’s essential that your hair is untangled, clean and completely dry. Even when you think your hair is dry, run your fingers through to check there are no damp spots, if there are, dry it again with your drier on a cool setting. (driers can burn hair too)

Thus, not only will you prevent your hair from burning, it will stop it from becoming too fluffy as well. When washing your hair, remember to use a good fortifying shampoo like Alpecin shampoo, and before using your straighteners apply a heat protecting product.

While you hair is being straightened, it is important that once you pass the straightener lock by lock, then waiting for your hair to cool down before you pass it again, keep doing this until your hair is completely smooth. It takes a little longer this way, but in the long run it will take better care of your hair and you will avoid burning it.


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    Thanks for sharing. I am also interested in making the best use of my hair straightener.

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