Hairdressers Livingston Deans - What Does Brushing Your Hair 100 Times Do?

If your at hairdressers Livingston Deans, and you’re looking for ways to grow your hair longer, in the shortest amount of time. You may have stumbled upon the idea of brushing your hair 100 times.

So what does brushing your hair 100 times do?

Short answer: Nothing, it’s a complete myth, brushing your hair 100 times will not make your hair grow longer, or faster.

Another example of the importance we place on our hair in the conception of our self-image is the amount of advice that meets with popular wisdom about brushing your hair.

The hair is even the star of many legends, stories and fairy tales, we all remember Samson and his magnificent hair, where he lived his superhuman strength, or Rapunzel, who threw her braid of hair out the window creating a vine the prince could climb to rescue her.

There’s no wonder, then, that with such "literature" about it, there have also been released many statements on  hair that are not always true (or at least not entirely) which has led to you asking what does brushing your hair 100 times do?

If you want to keep your hair in good condition, while brushing, I want to help you to recognize which of these statements have a real basis and which, as with the story of Rapunzel, are only stories.

If you cut the tips, hair grows more: This is a common myth, but if you think about it, lacks any kind of logic. The growth rate is the same whether you cut it or not.  it will not grow anymore because you go to the hairdressers Livingston Deans each month, since the key is in the root.

Growth velocity and thickness of the hair and its colour, are factors in you as an individual, and are genetically conditioned. What is true is that, when you have damaged hair or split ends, a trim will vastly improve the appearance of your hair. But nothing more.

You have to brush your hair morning, noon and night: This is another deeply rooted myth. Some even claim that brushing your hair 100 times a day is recommended to maintain the shine of your hair. The truth is that brushing your hair too much can be counterproductive to your hair, because in the process, it is easier to break, especially if you do it vigorously with wet hair. Sure you have to brush your hair, but in perspective, and better if you do it with a good natural bristle brush.

Haircut at full moon will grow stronger and fuller: Or the myth of the werewolf. There are many variables for such statements. All have no proven foundation. Hair grows at it’s own pace, you as an individual, and alterations in your state may be due to many factors (such as an unbalanced diet, stress, lack of vitamins etc) but not to the lunar phases and tides.

Wearing hats or caps accelerates hair loss: Some believe that the use of accessories such as hats, scarves or hats can cause hair loss because it "not breathing". The oxygen reaches the hair follicles through the blood, therefore, has no bearing on whether or not your hair is in contact with  the air. The use of hats or caps in summer can also help protect your scalp from the sun.

And since we have removed a few myths at hairdressers Livingston Deans, and not only provide a clear answer to your question, what does brushing your hair 100 times do? We have cleared up some more related myths too.

Your hair deserves to be looked after, and this not only affects how you dry it, wash it or brush. It is also recommended that you follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, you avoid toxins such as alcohol and smoking, and that you try not to let the stress overflow.

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