Hairdressers Livingston - Thinking of Going Short Hair? (Try This)

Hairdressers Livingston on the Bob.

The Bob is the perfect way to test the waters, if you’d like to go short but find it a bit scary.

So what about a Bob, will it look good on you?

The  Bob hairstyle is in no danger of ever going out of fashion and this is because many Hollywood celebrities have adopted it. But not without putting their personal touches and further expanding the possibilities on a haircut that does well to all women and hair types.

The Bob style originated during World War where women joined the force working and had no time to curl with curlers and straightening irons, later, short hair became the flagship of freedom, rebellion and independence of working women.

Today, the Bob cut ensures a modern look that requires little care and it feels good for anyone with a well defined jaw and neck. But if you have around face, a long Bob is a better choice for you.

The "Bob" is a short haircut, usually associated with women. The hair is cut to about chin length, and go’s all the way around the head. It can be styled with or without bangs.

If you have a round face shape, you should go for a bit longer Bob cut with soft layers around the chin because if you use the traditional cut it will only stress this more. If, however, you have a thin face, a sweeping fringe, nice and soft can make the Bob cut very flattering on you. Longer side swept bangs, will do wonders to help disguise flaws such as a prominent nose.

In general, the younger and smaller you are, the shorter you can go with a Bob haircut, either with or without bangs. However, the choice is not just a matter of age and other factors are crucial to select the best fit for your Bob cut.

Softness makes this short haircut distinctly feminine and it’s a great option for women who are toying with the idea of going short, but not ready for something too drastic.

Another great thing about the bob hairstyle is that it’s quite easy to let it grow without a lot of steps where you need to hide the growth. Variations on the Bob cut can be made so that the cut is most flattering, with features such as a prominent nose and a narrow face.

The cut has to be modified depending on the hair texture and degree of ripple or curl. An expert stylist with experience knows exactly when you need to adjust the length and add layers to adjust the volume of your hair and improve the appearance

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