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Hairdressers Livingston - How To Look After Long Hair (And Look Stunning All Day)

Hairdressers Livingston Hair By Sarah's tips on how to look after your long hair, and keep it looking stunning all day.

You go through a lifetime with long hair and you can not imagine your image differently...

It makes you feel more secure, almost clothed, but everyone says that is too long or too normal... Well, unless you want a drastic image change, there is no reason to lose it.

You need to know that you’re  making the most of your long hair . Anyway,  it’s so hard to grow it is worth taking some minor discomfort to look at its best.

How should you look after for long hair in Livingston?

Untangling is very important every night to avoid as far as possible to be meddled with, and spend much  of the next day removing the knots.

Should be brushed with natural bristle brushes, as they don’t conduct electricity much, and cause hair breakage in the hair structure. The way to brush is critical to get the tips remain perfect. The correct way is to remove the knots brushing half of the hair to the ends and then proceed to brush from the roots to the ends. Always do before washing the hair and later, with wet hair, proceed with extreme caution as this is when your hair is most at risk of breaking.

Maintaining a hairstyle with a good length, means the tips are not cut very often leading to dryness and loss of brightness in most cases. This leads having to choose a very nourishing and moisturizing shampoo but also very often the result is fat.

In such cases it is advisable to choose a suitable shampoo for oily scalp and dry ends. Saponaria is a natural compound found in many products and is very effective.

What routine is required for long hair?

Ideally wash no more than twice a week so as to not dry too much unless we find a fat problem at the root which is very important.

At least once a week you have to apply a mask and keep it there, after shampooing apply a balm for dry ends.

For such long hair, the cut is critical, because of the length, weight of the hair, giving a feeling of stiffness that doesn’t do you any favours. If your hair has little body, it is advisable to choose cuts that bring a bit of pizzazz, and texturing at hairdressers Livingston.

Short bangs, are very flattering, if you have an oval face,  it will give a radical shift in your image without sacrificing an inch of your hair.

Touch colour also helps to enhance or soften your features. Other options, very fashionable, are the use of accessories, tiaras, and forks.

Ultimately, long hair does not have to be boring, with care and a little imagination you can wear your hair healthy, shiny and trendy.

Don’t forget that the majority of women today, pay a price for carrying long extensions. Enjoy your long hair while it’s still free and natural.

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