Hairdressers Livingston Hair Expert:

Hairdressers Livingston - 7 Secrets For Fixing Your Curly Hair Problems

Curly hair is the envy of many, but for those who have it sometimes it becomes a punishment.

Hairdressers Livingston Hair By Sarah recommends you take care, comb it and take your curly hair a lot more seriously than  straight hair. This type of hair is not easily tamed and also needs a lot of care to make it look really nice. Curly hair is fashionable as long as you keep it really healthy. 

As we tend to always want what we have not got, many curls are man made to look permanent, even with wavy hair. If  this is so, you should know that your hair has been subjected to chemical treatments, so we have to make sure the scalp and hair structure are not weakened.

If your hair is naturally curly, you will also need to take into consideration the care needs. Curly hair owes its form to its cuticles that are not completely sealed as in the case of smooth. For this reason, curly hair is more fragile, brittle and suffers from dryness and frizz, and it is for this reason you must apply special care.

7 Secrets:

1. A very important thing to keep in mind before washing your hair, is that it tangles . So as to avoid that curl and break if unravelled when wet (which is even more fragile).

2 . Wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo that will moisturize is also essential. So that it will provide more flexibility and manageability to hair.

3. You should not rub your hair with a towel when drying, but "tighten" with small movements in the towel to remove moisture. 

4. Hair curling over taxes hair, and even more so in the curly, so if you can do without it, you should. Better to let your hair dry outdoors or with a diffuser that has little airflow. Also avoid air that‘s too hot, because the hair spoils faster.

5. If you want a good and simple idea for styling do it with your fingers, turning upside down and shaking the hair gently. 

6. Once your hair is dry, you can apply a hair gel for curly special, however, in small quantities. So that you get a better definition of the wave. 

7. There is also the possibility of a keratin treatment if you have very tight wave. Thus, will get a more natural ripple less marked. The keratin’s smoothing would relax the curl, opening and defining it. This treatment also restructures and repairs the hair, strengthening the hair and styling easier.


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