Make Your Friends Jealous:

Hairdressers Livingston - "Now you can IMPRESS your friends, with a 'Top Salon Total Hair Makeover'... But without the price tag! Limited spaces available..."

Sarah Gillan (Senior Stylist)

Go into any of the top salons in Edinburgh or Glasgow and pay a fortune to have your hair coloured and styled.


Contact me at hairdressers Livingston, and I will give you the exact same cut you would get from any Senior Stylist or even a Director! But without the price tag, and all in the comfort of your own home.

100 haircuts that leave you feeling slightly disappointed cannot compare to one special cut that satisfies beyond expectation. When you look in the mirror, you just know when you've had a good cut, and when you're looking so good your friends are gauranteed to notice!

I will give you a cut that will not only look stunning on the day, but will evolve nicely with the passage of time. My 'Top Salon Total Hair Makeover' will supercharge your confidence. When you feel good about yourself you have so much more success in life.

Money Back Gaurantee: If you've never heard of me before, this might sound too good to be true, so I want to make it really easy for you, and take away all the risk...

If after your hair has been lovingly pampered and styled by myself, you do not agree that your haircut is worth considerably more than I am asking, and is on a par with what you would expect from any Senior Stylist, or even a Director! Just say so when I am finshed, and I won't charge you a single penny! Can I be fairer?

Even for the next 3 days - If you're still not delighted with your result, and if your friends are not totally impressed! just give me a call, and I will restyle for FREE or refund in FULL.

Save even more money: If you're having your hair coloured, and if you team up with a friend and have both your colours done at the same time, I will give you a £5. Discount on any colour service each!

This offer only applies if you live in the Livingston or West Lothian area, although I do travel to wedding parties for an additional petrol cost.

Call me or send a text now, to save money and secure a space.


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