How to Make Hair Grow Thicker - Check First if You Have These Symptoms (Hair Loss)

Before you learn how to make hair grow thicker, you will first need to address these symptoms.

By stopping any hair loss in it’s tracks first of all, you will be well on your way to start making your hair thicker.

If you once had beautiful thick hair, then and then all of a sudden your hair became limp and sparse, something must have caused that to happen.

Before putting it down to male, or female pattern baldness (and then tackling that issue) check first to see if you have any of these symptoms…

So ask yourself… What have I been doing lately that may have caused my hair to go like this?

Have you done something recently that you don’t normally do? Have you taken up swimming, and noticed that since then your hair has become limp and fine?

Well it could be the chlorine in the water doesn’t agree with your hair. So to make it grow thicker you might want to stop that, or use a protective cap, and see if that helps.

Or if you’ve never dyed your hair before, and then your thick hair vanished after you got it dyed, then that’s probably the cause, and you would need to get treatment to thicken your hair.

You also need to look at your overall health. Have you noticed any changes in your health lately? If you have, there will likely be a direct connection.

To thicken your hair you need to know exactly what’s causing it to lose it’s thickness in the first place.

You may have a hormonal problem that’s making your hair fall out. If your thyroid gland isn’t working efficiently, this will need attention to get your hair growing back thicker, and full of life.

Have you gained a lot of weight all of a sudden for no apparent reason? If your thyroid is not working, this will have caused your metabolism to slow down, and cause weight gain as well as making your hair fall out. Other symptoms may include you feeling tired, and cold all the time.

In this case to make your hair grow thicker you would need to visit your local doctor to confirm a thyroid, or hormonal problem and follow their medical advice.

So what else could be causing your hair to thin? If it’s not a medical problem, then only you can know what you have been doing recently.

Some medications have been shown to cause hair thinning. If you’ve started taking a birth control pill, and your hair has started falling out, that could be the culprit. Anti depressants can have a similar effect.

So to know how to make hair grow thicker you will need to look at anything different that you have done recently and make changes. Your hair re-growth could be as simple as that. Failing that you may want to make an appointment with your doctor to find out if it’s a hormonal issue.

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