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Wedding Hairdressers Edinburgh - How to Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day

Wedding hairdressers Edinburgh Top Tips on how to prepare your hair for your wedding hair in Edinburgh.

There are so many details to be finalised for your wedding day. But without doubt one of the most important things is that you look perfect.

And it’s not just about the dress… Your makeup and hairstyle play an important role.

Q: What is the first thing your guests will notice on your wedding day?

A: It’s your hairstyle.

The first thing they will look at is your face. Why? So that they can recognize you of course! So having a perfect hairstyle that compliments your dress in the most flattering of ways is vital.

So choosing a good wedding hairdresser in Edinburgh is just as important as finding the right dress. So here are some Top Tips that will help you to have perfect hair on your wedding day.

Discover how to prepare your hair for your wedding day and look spectacular


If you’re letting your hair grow for your wedding day, don’t forget that you must take care of it, and keep it healthy. You don’t want to arrive at your special day with dull hair and dry ends. Cut it at the very least every three months to shape and remove damaged pieces.

Don’t wait until the last minute to change your look. If you want to change the tone of your hair or overall appearance, you should do it in plenty of time, so that if you don’t like the results you have time to change.

Highlights can look spectacular, and many brides choose this option, but you must do it at least two weeks before your wedding, so that the colour will settle and have a better appearance. Remember that for the first few days the tone will be settling in.

Preparing for your wedding day in Edinburgh is a time to increase your hair care regime. It’s important that you use special products for your hair type, and apply weekly hydrating masks like avocado, banana and honey or almond oil. They will help to significantly improve the appearance of your hair.

Ask your wedding hairdressers Edinburgh about any extra recommendations they can give to prepare your hair for your wedding day.

Don’t forget you can make one or more test hairstyles, so that you have the Guarantee that the look you choose will be right for you, and make you look more beautiful than ever.

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